Mind Health: Why and How Going on Vacation Is Amazing for You

When you’re in recovery and have grown weary of your home, neighborhood and work, a vacation might be just the ticket to a fresh perspective. Going out and exploring a new city, a new country or taking in a splendid vista of nature can boost your mental health like nothing else. If you’re on the fence about traveling and worried about keeping to your treatment plan, it’s time to consider all the physical and mental benefits of traveling, whether it’s near or far. Here are a few tips on how a vacation can give you a new, brighter outlook on life. 1. Your Mood, Health Prospects Brighten Taking a vacation considerably boosts your sense of well-being, spirits and mood. Exploring a new place, or

Free & Cheap Summer Movies 2019

Finding free and cheap ways to keep the kids busy in the summer is even easier with so many theaters holding second run movies! You can enjoy favorites you've seen or even some you've missed and the best part is they are affordable! Not to mention air conditioned. And because these are kids movies generally people understand that kids will be restless or loud so it's a great way to introduce younger kids or new movie goers to the experience. Check out all the free movies below and remember we always suggest confirming with the location prior to setting your plans as all schedules are subject to change at the theaters discretion. The schedule for all Tampa Bay Area CMX Cinemas (formerly Cobb

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Nanny Taxes

Lots of people pay their nanny “under the table.” Should I do it too? According to the IRS, if you pay a household employee such as a nanny, babysitter, elder caregiver or house manager more than $2,100 a year, you are a household employer. This means you’re legally required to register and pay employer taxes. There are important benefits to following the law. It gives your nanny Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance benefits. It also allows her to build her credit. Finally, you never know when you might get nominated for the Supreme Court. And, we all know how that ends if you haven’t paid your nanny taxes. Ok, I’m convinced I should follow the law, but how do I comply wi

When Kids Have a Fever, Moms May Panic

For parents, a fever can be scary. But when your child is otherwise healthy, it’s usually not too serious. Typically, a fever is just a sign the little ones are fighting something off, but what exactly that is and what should be done can be hard to determine. According to AdventHealth Centra Care physicians, fevers can be brought on by several conditions including: flu, viral upper respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, UTI, ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia, or even sinusitis among others. Anytime your child has a fever it’s very important to keep him hydrated. And of course, warning signs like rash or vomiting can indicate a more serious condition. So, when do you know your little

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