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When Kids Have a Fever, Moms May Panic

For parents, a fever can be scary. But when your child is otherwise healthy, it’s usually not too serious. Typically, a fever is just a sign the little ones are fighting something off, but what exactly that is and what should be done can be hard to determine.

According to AdventHealth Centra Care physicians, fevers can be brought on by several conditions including: flu, viral upper respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, UTI, ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia, or even sinusitis among others.

Anytime your child has a fever it’s very important to keep him hydrated. And of course, warning signs like rash or vomiting can indicate a more serious condition. So, when do you know your little one’s fever needs more than at-home care? Check out the latest Centra Care What’s Going Around #Momdays video below as our group of moms discuss their own struggles with fever.

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