Storm Boy Review & AMC Giveaway

This post is a review for a great movie along with some printable activities for the kids and also... A giveaway that you can enter on Facebook Here or Instagram Here. Each gives you the opportunity to win 1 of 2 $50 gift Cards to AMC that I think you may just want to use to check out this family friendly film. I had the opportunity to see Storm Boy, the newest adaptation of the children's book by Colin Theile. It's a story of a boy who finds orphaned pelicans, raises them, bonds with them all the while trying to turn the land into a sanctuary while fending off bird hunters who oppose it. During the course of the story he befriends an aboriginal Australian who has a troubled past and also de

Kids and Their Nosebleeds 👃

“Mom, my nose is bleeding.” Whether it’s a lot of blood or a small amount, that phrase no doubt conjures up an immediate parental response. And although we’re are right to react quickly, nosebleeds are usually harmless and can be treated at home. Children, more so than adults, are prone to nosebleeds because they have more blood vessels in the nasal plexus. In fact, from the age of two to about 20, parents should expect to treat their fair share of nosebleeds. But why do they happen? There are a number of reasons for nosebleeds, some of which include: • Picking the nose too hard • Frequently wiping or blowing the nose • Sinusitis, hay fever or other chronic allergies • High altitudes • And o

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