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02:30 PM
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Thanks for sharing! If approved your event will be added.

Please note all events are added at our discretion. Some events that are for profit or include a participation fee may not be accepted or may be offered a spot for a small fee that will go to supporting this site and our organization.

Calendar is under construction please help by adding events on the form above. 

These forms are only to be used for Special Events that are open to the public and are in or around the Tampa Bay area. If you are a lesson provider or school please do not use this form to list your individual classes. You may use it to list public performances that are open to the public or an open house, etc. 


Please do not list private events and parties, non-seasonal events or those that do not fit and uphold the morals and ethics of our organization.  Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, Expos, Light shows/displays/trails, Drive-Throughs,  etc are all welcome but subject to our approval. 


Now the fine print:

Tampa Bay Moms Group, it's staff, the directory contributors and all participants and users understand that this directory will be public and available to anyone online with a link. We are providing this resource as a courtesy. We are not affiliated with the events shared here unless stated otherwise. It is important to check the details of any event prior to attending. Please use caution when sharing and using shared information online.  Users of this form agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tampa Bay Moms Group, its owners, staff and partners for any losses arising out of use of this service. 

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