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Blue Wave Pediatrics & Blue Wave Concussion Center

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My name is Dr. Audrey Paul M.D. Ph.D. and I am the founder and medical director of Blue Wave Pediatrics and Blue Wave Concussion Center. Originally from New York, I attended  Harvard College and completed my medical training at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and my fellowship training in pediatric emergency medicine at Columbia Presbyterian. I practiced pediatric emergency medicine at Mount Sinai and NYU, where I was an associate clinical professor in emergency medicine.

While keeping busy in the ER, I managed to raise a son and daughter who both played ice hockey. Unfortunately, my son suffered three concussions, and this inspired me to start a concussion practice in Westport, CT and Garden City, NY. Concussion management has been my passion over the past 8 years. Many parents and practitioners aren’t aware of how concussions should be treated. Proper diagnosis and treatment of concussion allows athletes and non-athletes to resume their daily activities without the sometimes- debilitating symptoms of concussion. However, delayed diagnosis and treatment can make the difference between a 3-week and a 3-month recovery.

When we moved to Florida, I initially intended to open Blue Wave Concussion Center, but a close family friend insisted that I also open a pediatric practice due to an unmet need for pediatricians in the community. I heeded his advice and opened Blue Wave Pediatrics and Concussion Center in Clearwater to address the lack of access to pediatric care. Blue Wave Pediatrics and Concussion Center offers pediatric well checks, and urgent care seven days a week. Blue Wave is only staffed by providers that specialize in pediatrics since, as we know, children are NOT little adults. As part of our pediatric and concussion practice, we also have a certified pediatric physical therapist on staff.

Many families feel like their child is just a number in a large practice and often find it difficult to get in for school or sports physicals. Often, they will seek out urgent care providers who don’t specialize in pediatrics. The premise behind Blue Wave is to offer a true medical home for children where all their medical needs would be met by the Blue Wave pediatric family.


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