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Mind Health: Why and How Going on Vacation Is Amazing for You

When you’re in recovery and have grown weary of your home, neighborhood and work, a vacation might be just the ticket to a fresh perspective. Going out and exploring a new city, a new country or taking in a splendid vista of nature can boost your mental health like nothing else. If you’re on the fence about traveling and worried about keeping to your treatment plan, it’s time to consider all the physical and mental benefits of traveling, whether it’s near or far. Here are a few tips on how a vacation can give you a new, brighter outlook on life.

1. Your Mood, Health Prospects Brighten

Taking a vacation considerably boosts your sense of well-being, spirits and mood. Exploring a new place, or going on a sporty adventure trip, like skiing or whitewater rafting, helps you feel happier and more relaxed. Plus, a leisure trip helps remove the effects of emotional burnout and strengthens your mind and spirit against future challenges, such as temptations to fall into destructive habits.

Scientists also report improved physical outcomes when you take an occasional break from office work. Such benefits include deeper and better sleep – so important for staying healthy – and fewer physical ailments.

2. Your Relationships

When you travel with a partner, family members or friends, your bonds deepen and grow stronger with every new experience you have together. You’re also more likely to try to meet and engage with the locals, further creating and cementing ties with potential friends of the future. And learning about a new culture through such points of contact can enrich your travel experience and make you want to plan another adventure.

3. You Expand Your Horizons

Your gratitude for the greater world deepens when you travel to stark, new environments. Observing how other people live, at times with not as many privileges as yourself, nourishes you with compassion and gratitude for the experiences you are having, as you compare and contrast your different lives. These perspectives can also give you a better sense of self-awareness, which is crucial when navigating addiction recovery.

4. You Can Find Yourself

It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do. A backpacking adventure can give you the opportunity to dig deep when experiencing the wonder and hazards of nature. While a spiritual retreat to India can provide introspection and make for a life-altering journey. Even a jaunt to a quiet beach haven can provide the chance to let go and truly be with yourself. No matter where you travel, it’s the teachable moments and chances for reflection that enable you to better contemplate moving forward in life.

Even when you can’t truly get away, there’s a lot to be said for embracing what your home city has to offer. The beauty of a staycation in Tampa Bay is that you can still disappear to a vacation rental while not drifting too far off the path — or too far from your counselor. As Turnkey mentions, Tampa Bay has something to offer for everyone: if you’re a sports fan, you can take in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game at Raymond James Stadium, which is situated near a number of incredible restaurants and bars; if you’re more into culture and history, then Ybor City is the place to be, with its assortment of vintage shops, museums and restaurants that specialize in Cuban dishes; and don’t forget about Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium, both of which offer plenty of family-friendly activities.

In the end, your mindset will play a significant role in how much you will enjoy yourself, marking disciplinary lines that you should not cross in regards to your treatment plan. To help you stay the course, set the constant intention that you will have a good day, with no relapse in sight, and combine your intention to relax with activities such as yoga and meditation. Investing in your own tranquility will harmonize your perspective of life and deeply benefit you from the inside out.

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