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Ways To Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Sanctuary

Our bedrooms are among the most important rooms within the house. They’re a space to get away from all the noise and stress of our lives. A comfortable sleeping area allows for more meaningful rest and relaxation. If you find it difficult to unwind, check out these three ways to make your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary.

Sleep-Only Space

If you’re struggling to relax in your bedroom, it could be because the space is too distracting. Reasons for this could include too much clutter, an overabundance of electronic screens, or a work desk close to the bed. All of these factors adversely affect the main function of your bedroom—sleeping!

Design your bedroom for the sole purpose of sleeping by eliminating anything that isn’t conducive to rest. If you work remotely and your desk is near the bed, consider moving it somewhere else. This will mentally separate your work life from your sleep cycle. If you have a TV, avoid turning it on close to bedtime. Lastly, stray away from eating meals in bed since this reduces your ability to relax and recharge.

Decorate Appropriately

Now that you’ve eliminated all factors that detract from peacefulness, it’s time to decorate your bedroom with the items you like. Have fun with this step, as adding personality can help put your mind at ease. Consider adding some color to your bedding, drapes, and wall art to create a familiar space.

Avoid a “color clash” by using only splashes of color—this is less stimulating and helps create a calm vibe. Plants are a great way to enjoy a bit of nature while inside, which helps calm the nerves. Try hanging your plants on the wall to create a comfortable and cozy setting. You can also add a comfy seat in the corner for reading books and drinking tea before bedtime.

Relax the Senses

A room may be visually appealing, but if you don’t activate your other senses, you can’t create a relaxing environment. Pay attention to touch, smell, and sound as much as you do sight. Consider purchasing higher-quality bedding that offers a more luxurious lounging and sleeping experience.

Vary your blankets and pillows with different fabrics to keep things exciting. Also, maintain a fresh-smelling bedroom that keeps the mind at ease—a well-placed essential oil diffuser is great for providing pleasant fragrances. Lastly, avoid any items that make too much noise since they can distract the mind.

Remember that these ways to make your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary might not meet your personal needs. Some people prefer certain décor options and layouts that others don’t. Find the things that make you the most comfortable and implement them into your bedroom to see the best results.


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