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Tuscan-Style Must-Haves for Your Front Porch

There’s something so serene and charming about a Tuscan villa—it’s no wonder why many Americans design homes that look like they’re a short drive from Florence. However, giving your front porch Mediterranean vibes requires some careful planning, as the style is a little different from what you may be used to. Check out these Tuscan-style must-haves for your front porch.

Potted Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are everywhere in central Italy, so they’ll look right at home on your Tuscan front porch. Most people don’t realize that citrus trees actually grow very well in pots, so you don’t need to worry about planting them in your yard. You get bonus points if you choose large terra-cotta pots to plant them in.

Elegant Doormat

You must consider a lot when choosing a doormat to match your home’s aesthetic. Many Spanish- and Tuscan-style homes have large front doors that are much too big for the doormats you find at big box stores. Be sure to find one that’s at least as wide as your doorway, if not a little wider.

Iron or Wooden Bench

No quaint Tuscan garden is complete without a good bench, making this a perfect choice for your front porch. We think a rustic wooden or wrought iron bench looks best with Mediterranean-style homes. You can leave it bare or add some decorative pillows and cushions.

Large Urns

Another Tuscan-style must-have for your front porch is pottery. In fact, many Mediterranean countries are famous for it. You can bring some of this authenticity to your porch by getting a collection of ceramic urns. Choose a variety of sizes for the best visual appeal.

Italian Cypress Trees

Nothing frames a doorway like Italian cypress trees. Unlike other varieties of cypress, the Italian kind is tall and narrow, shaped a little like corn cobs. If you can’t have a long row of cypress trees lining your front walkway, you may be able to plant a couple in pots on either side of your door.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these outside décor ideas for your Tuscan-style home. With the right accessories, you'll feel like you're on vacation every time you come home.


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