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Travel Guide: Quiet Locations for a Family Vacation

Deciding the right place for a vacation for the whole family can be challenging. If you’re looking for places to take the family for a few days, read our travel guide of quiet locations for a family vacation with destinations all over the country!

Rosemary Beach, Florida

In Florida, there’s no shortage of destinations to take the family, but if you want something quiet, consider the quaint town of Rosemary Beach. Located on the coast between Destin and Panama City, there are numerous reasons to love Rosemary Beach, from its vast beaches to its European-style architecture brimming with character.

Spend a day at the beach, go shopping, go golfing, or take an excursion into the nearby state parks and wetlands, all in Rosemary Beach.

Pismo Beach, California

If you’re looking to hit a west coast beach, one of the best is at the modest town of Pismo Beach, California. Resting on the Pacific coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Pismo Beach offers small-town charm and fun with plenty of attractions, from beaches to vineyards to numerous parks for the kids!

Fun Fact: Pismo Beach’s nickname is “The Clam Capital of the World,” and local clams are known for their exquisite flavor!

Carbondale, Colorado

If your family likes mountains and vistas more than oceans and beaches, take a trip to the Rockies and settle down in charming Carbondale, Colorado! All around Carbondale are the incredible Rocky Mountains, and you can get an up-close look at them in Carbondale.

Northwest of Aspen, Carbondale offers a quiet, relaxing mountain vacation with all the attractions you could want in summer or winter, from hiking and horseback riding to skiing and snowmobiling!

Spring Green, Wisconsin

If you want something off the beaten path, consider heading north to Spring Green, Wisconsin! This picturesque Midwestern town is famous for being the birthplace of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, but has more to offer than just history!

Enjoy a day canoeing or kayaking on the Wisconsin River, or visit the famed and strange House on the Rock, filled with exotic and fascinating exhibits.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Western national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite get all the press, but don’t underestimate the natural beauty and wonder you’ll find at Acadia National Park in Maine, the northeast’s only national park. If your family loves camping and the great outdoors, there’s no better place to stay!

At Acadia, you get stunning views of Maine’s rocky coast looking out on the Atlantic. You can also bear witness to the largest mountain on the Atlantic coast, Cadillac Mountain!

Fun Fact: Since Acadia is so far east, the sunset is visible before anywhere else in the U.S.

We hope our list of quiet locations for a family vacation has given you some ideas! Which holiday will you choose—lying on a beach in Florida or California, or hiking a mountain in Colorado? If you ask us, there’s no wrong answer!


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