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Top 5 Ideas for Creating a Baby Keepsake

Every day, your baby grows and develops. While you can’t make time stand still, you can craft keepsakes that make it easier for you to cherish moments and memories. Find inspiration from the top five ideas for creating a baby keepsake.

1. Time Capsule

Creating a time capsule lets you preserve items from a special moment or timeframe in your baby’s life for their future self. Place items like notes from family members, pictures of your home, or a newspaper clipping into a box to give to your child on a milestone birthday. You can also place more personal items in the box. A time capsule is a great way to repurpose a baby blanket into a keepsake.

2. Shadow Box

Like a time capsule, you can take precious keepsakes and put them into a glass-front display case called a shadow box. But whereas you’ll put the time capsule away and bring it back out at a future date, you’ll keep the shadow box out for everyone to enjoy seeing. Arrange special items, such as your baby’s hospital wristband, a lock of hair, and tiny shoes, in an appealing design. You can create an endearing backdrop to your display with decorative accents.

3. Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into a Toy

Are you holding on to a onesie or other clothing item your child has outgrown? You can turn this treasured item into an adorable stuffed toy! Follow a pattern to transform your child’s clothes into a teddy bear, fox, or another animal. Or you can use a service and have someone else sew the toy together.

4. Hands or Feet Casts

Parents love to hold their baby’s small hands and feet. Babies grow in leaps and bounds, so one great idea for a baby keepsake is to create a cast of your child’s hands or feet. Baby-safe casting kits use non-toxic, hypo-allergenic molding material. After using a casting kit, you’ll have a three-dimensional model of your baby’s hands or feet to cherish forever.

5. First Year Picture Frame

Are you taking month-by-month milestone pictures of your baby’s first year of life? Display these priceless photos all together in a picture frame featuring space for each monthly photo. While it’s great to have the photos digitally stored, this simple keepsake makes it easy to look back over your baby’s changes and growth from month to month.


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