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Tips To Prepare Your Home for Your New Pet

Pets add more warmth, cuddles, and fun to your home. Getting a new furry friend is so exciting, especially for the little ones getting their first pet!

But before you bring in little Chloe, you’ll want to set up your home so that it’s ready to take on a whole new batch of crazy! Here are some tips to prepare your home for your new pet.

Prepare Your Family

An essential step in preparing your home for your new pet is to prepare your family first. Children who are of age may be excited to play with their new pet and hug and kiss it. Let your child know that the animal may be fearful, so they’ll need to take it slow.

If you have other pets that live with you, your home is their established territory, so they may become aggressive upon the arrival of your new pet. However, you can offset future tension by introducing your new pet to them via scent.

Bring home a blanket or toy from the shelter or foster home and allow your current pet to smell it and become familiar with it before they meet in person. This will let your pet be comfortable with the new scent and be more relaxed once your new pet arrives.

Pet-Proof Your Home

Make sure you get a few secure baby gates that will deter your pet from going into rooms where they can break something or eat something they shouldn’t.

Clear your home of loose toys and electrical wires (cats are notorious for chewing on wires) to ensure your pet isn’t tempted.

Another way to pet-proof your home is to cover any hidden spaces they may be able to fit into. If you have space under your couch or refrigerator, block off entryways with pillows and blankets to deter your pet from hiding or getting lost.

Set Up a Designated Space for Your Pet

When your pet first arrives, make sure they feel comfortable and acclimated in one room first before letting them explore the rest of your home.

Set up a bed, toys, food/water station, and anything else your pet may need for their first few weeks in the home.

Stock Up on Supplies

You may need to stay home with them for a few days to ensure they’re acclimating correctly, especially if they’re young.

To prevent the stress of running out to the store for more food and worrying about what your pet is doing while you’re gone, stock up on supplies. Make sure they have enough toys to help relieve their anxiety and a cozy bed to rest on.

Have Patience

Your pet is entering an unfamiliar place with a new family, so it may be frightened and misbehave unintentionally.

Chances are, you’ll have a few bathroom accidents on your carpet before they learn where their bathroom is. Be prepared to clean your carpet properly so there isn’t permanent damage to your carpet.

Remember, patience is critical. It may take some time for your pet to become comfortable, so give them space while letting them know they’re safe.

By following these tips to prepare your home for your new pet, you’ll avoid added stress and help your furry friend have fun in their new home!


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