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Tips To Prepare Your Home for a New Baby

The weeks before a new baby’s arrival can feel like a whirlwind. You have so much to do to make sure everything and everyone is ready for your bundle of joy. Your home, especially, requires a lot of prep work before you bring a child into the world. Check out these tips to prepare your home for a new baby if you’re wondering where to start.

Make Some Space

Even though they are small, babies need space to grow and thrive in their new environment. Newborns need a surprising amount of stuff, and not all of it will fit in a nursery—if you’re lucky enough to have one. Clearing any clutter in your home will make plenty of space for your new arrival and all the things that come with them!


As we’ve mentioned, infants need A LOT of stuff. Taking some time before your child gets here to organize everything will remove any unnecessary stress you may be feeling about their arrival. Put things in bins, hang up their clothes, and assemble their furniture to tick some essential tasks off your already full to-do list.

Babyproof the Home

While they aren’t crawling yet, your baby will be mobile sooner than you think. Making your home safe for them is one of the most vital tips to prepare your home for a new baby. Lock up any drawers and lids that could squish their little fingers, and cover all electrical outlets. Other babyproofing tasks include:

  • Gating off staircases

  • Installing childproof locks on doors and windows

  • Securing TVs and other heavy objects to walls and shelves

Gather Supplies

Every mother needs a “baby toolbox” full of supplies specifically for a newborn. Typical items include an arsenal of diapers, wipes, and bibs to keep your baby clean and happy. Collect outfits of different sizes so that your kiddo always has something cute to wear. You will also want to invest in baby products for your kitchen to keep messes to a minimum.

With so much to think about when bringing a new baby home, you’ll be happy you finished some of those tasks ahead of time. Prepping your house will give you peace of mind, knowing that your child is coming home to the best environment possible.


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