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Tips for Designing a Gender-Neutral Nursery

People opt fr a gender-neutral nursery for various reasons. Some want to start designing before they know the gender of their baby. Others simply want to avoid creating a room with an aesthetic that won’t adapt to the child’s interests as they grow.

Whatever the reason, more and more people are focusing on designs that can fit any child for their baby’s first room. If you’re one of them, check out our tips for designing a gender-neutral nursery.

Go Beyond Pink or Blue

Anyone who has ever gone paint or nail polish shopping will tell you that there’s a seemingly endless number of hues out there. So let your imagination run wild when you’re choosing a charming nursery color scheme. Instead of going for traditional blues or pinks, try including other colors.

Another option is to keep things simple and go for minimalist color schemes. These focus on fewer colors, and the colors that are present are often soft and neutral. A monochromatic nursery may also be a good option if this style appeals to you.

Choose a Gender-Neutral Theme

Choosing a decor theme is one of the easiest ways to help give your design direction, especially for kids’ rooms and nurseries. Themes also give you an easy way to design a gender-neutral nursery that’s still fun and lively.

Here are a few exciting themes to consider:

  • Animals (for example, Noah’s Ark, safari, or circus)

  • Storybook

  • World explorer

  • Night sky

  • The great outdoors

  • Nautical

The trick to pulling off a room theme is to identify a color scheme associated with the room theme and then add motifs and accessories to go with it. For example, you can choose blues and yellows for a nautical theme, then add seashells, anchors, or other ocean-inspired images.

Keep It Simple

As much as we love the idea of decking out our babies’ nurseries, it’s good to keep things simple. Your baby’s eyesight will be a little fuzzy for the first few months, and your baby will inevitably not remember this room when they grow up.

In other words, you don’t need to stress yourself out about creating an elaborate nursery theme. Having an open, minimalist style for your nursery will look classy, soothing, and perfectly neutral.


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