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Tips and Tricks for Getting Kids To Take a Bath

Getting your children to take a bath can be just as stressful as convincing them to go to bed. You could find yourself arguing and becoming frustrated every time, so you may want to try some novel approaches to the situation. Read on below to discover tips and tricks for getting kids to take a bath.

Turn Bath Time Into Game Time With Noodles

You can create many bath time activities using pool noodles to entice your children to jump in the tub. One remarkably simple trick you can try is to cut up an old foam noodle into small circular pieces that float on top of the water. This creates a sensory experience that children will have fun experimenting with.

Give Them a Heads Up

Sometimes your child is so engrossed in what they're doing that they don't want to stop for anything—including bath time. You can set their expectations early on by informing them several times in advance that bath time is approaching.

That way, when the moment arrives, it won't be as much of a cognitive jolt and adjustment for them. You can also let them know that they can go right back to playing with their toys or whatever activity they might be doing as soon as they finish.

Ask Them Why They Don't Like Bath Time

You might be amazed at how insightful children can be when you ask them a fundamental, straightforward question that you might have overlooked otherwise. Chat with them to explore if any underlying concerns might explain why they are reluctant to get in the tub.

The bathtub scares many younger children because they have an irrational fear of being pulled down the drain, getting soap in their eyes, or accidentally breathing in water. If you uncover any more profound issues, you will be able to calm their fears and explain things in short, basic words.

Jazz Up the Water

Sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one. Try tossing in some wacky child-safe color tablets that change the water to various colorful hues. You may use bath bombs to transform the water into a foamy pit that they'll want to dance in. The more fun you can make the experience, the more likely they'll be wondering why it's not bath time already.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks for getting kids to take a bath can solve your issues and make it easier to get little ones into the tub when the time comes. You may need to experiment with several different approaches until you find the one that works best for you.


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