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The Different Features You Should Add To Your Backyard Pool

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think about how to make your kid’s upcoming summer the best one yet. And listen, that’s not just for them, but for you, too—because when they’re happy, you’re happy!

So how are you going to accomplish having the best summer ever? It all starts with upgrading your pool. The more spruced up your pool is, the lower the chance that the kids will get bored of it halfway through the summer. And you can throw in a few things that’ll make you want to hop in every now and then, too!

Check it out! Explore the different features you should add to your backyard pool so it’s ready in time for summer break.

A Waterfall

A waterfall is probably one of the first features you thought of adding. It’s an excellent accompaniment to a backyard pool. There are tons of reasons to add a waterfall, but our favorite is that it’s very soothing.

Having a waterfall in a pool instantly conjures images of spa days and tropical vacations. Install a waterfall and enjoy how it makes your pool look luxurious!

A Swim-Up Bar

This one isn’t just for the adults, but kids, too. Your kids and their friends will be thoroughly pleased when you walk up with snacks, and they can stay in the pool. A swim-up bar allows for more entertainment opportunities for you and the kids.

You could even think about throwing up a TV in the bar area for extra fun!

Plenty of Jump-Off Spots

Jump-off spots are great for your kids! There are a few different ways you can go about this. You could have elevated landscapes around the pool or get a diving board. Both require that your pool is deep for safety, and both are tons of fun for the kids.

A Baja Shelf

A baja shelf is a shallow space that’s typically toward the end of the pool. It’s a great spot for younger kids to play in a safe space, but also wonderful for sunbathers. You could even put this near your swim-up bar for extra supervision!

A Nearby Fire Pit

This last thing isn’t necessarily something you can place in your pool—but you place it nearby. Fire pits are one of our favorite features you should add to your backyard pool. Why? Because it keeps the festivities going! Let the kids play in the pool at night, while you and the other parents relax by the fireside.

The options are limitless for your pool. Let your imagination run wild, and soon your kids will run wild in the setting you’ve created! Happy designing!


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