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The Best Low-Maintenance Pets for Your Child

A question that every parent needs to answer from their child is, “Can we get a pet?” Of course, we never want to disappoint our kids, but it can be hard to tell them no. Luckily, you can reach a compromise and select one of the best low-maintenance pets for your child.


Getting your child a pet fish is like putting training wheels on for pet care and responsibility. Several fish are highly independent, making things easy on your youngster. If you want to make things a breeze, you can even get an automatic feeder to give your fish their daily meals. Your child’s only responsibilities will include not overfeeding their new best friend and cleaning the water regularly. The betta fish is the best of the bunch because male bettas have to live alone, or else there may be a battle for supremacy in your fish tank.

Hermit Crab

One thing that makes pets so desirable is their personalities. Sometimes, it can be hard to get a sense of your pet’s character, but that isn’t the case with the hermit crab. A hermit crab is a socialite of the aquatic variety, chumming it up with other hermit crab buddies at the bottom of the tank. Furthermore, hermit crabs are resourceful for your tank because they keep things pristine and clean. With the proper care and diet, hermit crabs can live for years, delaying the awkwardness of a pet’s demise.


The hamster is a cuddly, adorable little friend that’s easy to maintain. You’ll only need a few pieces to take care of a hamster, with the most critical being an escape-free cage. Hamsters have a way of breaking out of their habitat like fugitive criminals, so ensure that they can’t sneak out. Other items you need to add to the cage are hay, a water bottle, and a wheel to keep your new friend entertained.


If you want to go a more exotic route, you can opt for a pet lizard. Several lizards fit the bill, but the best is your standard gecko. Even if they can’t save you 15 percent on your car insurance, you still need to provide a gecko with a safe living environment. All lizards require a different climate, so make sure you understand what you’re signing up for before bringing one home.


Bunnies have been a part of many children’s lives since their infancy, assuming they know all about Bugs. These furballs are lovely for a first pet because their cute factor is off the charts. Rabbits can be social and independent, making them a solid choice for the first pet.

Hopefully, one of these options for the best low-maintenance pets for your child meets the wants and needs of both you and your kiddo. Any of these pets will be a great measuring stick before you start looking for more of a challenge.

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