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Survival Tips- Living With A Partner Accused Of Assault

Relationships thrive on mutual trust and faith as partners live separate lives besides being together. You have to trust each other as you go to work, travel, meet people socially, and interact with acquaintances. Everyone gets a chance to cross the limits, but your ability to stay strong defines the strength of the relationship. Beyond cheating and adultery, allegations of crime and molestation against your partner can be devastating. The situation can be as daunting for the partner as it is for the accused person. Whether the accusation is true or baseless, it can ruin your relationship. As a partner, you may have qualms about living with a person accused of assault. Here are some survival tips to help.

Take some time to process the feelings

Discovering that the person you love has been accused of assault can be painful. You may feel overwhelmed by several emotions, from rage to sadness, anxiety, and depression. You will probably think that you hardly know your partner. Several questions may haunt you as you try to figure out things. The entire situation can harm your mental well-being more than you imagine, so staying calm should be your priority. Feeling stressed is natural, but you must do your best to avoid it. Focus on clearing your mind and getting to the bottom of the incident.

Have an open conversation with your partner

Although brushing things under the rug sounds like the easier option, you must face your demons sooner than later. There is no better way to learn the truth than to seek an honest conversation with your partner. Confront them and ask them questions about the entire story. They may have their version to explain the situation, but you must listen to your heart and use common sense to get the facts right. Avoid starting with assumptions because your partner may actually be innocent. The growing number of false accusations after the #MeToo movement is a valid reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Stay open to the facts

The facts at hand are often hard to believe, but you must stay open to them. You can consider doing some investigation at your end before creating the final picture of your partner's guilt or innocence. Visit their workplace or wherever the incident occurred and talk to people about it. You may even find a piece of evidence or a witness to prove his innocence while investigating the event. Countless people bear the brunt of false accusations only because their loved ones do not believe their stories. So following facts rather than stories should be your priority.

Offer support to an innocent partner

If you are sure about your partner's innocence, do not think twice about offering your support. Having you by their side can help them deal with the stress and pain of a false accusation. Work together on the legal defense by collaborating with a seasoned sex crime lawyer to address the case. Collect evidence and testimonies and support them during court hearings and police interrogations. Just being there will boost your spouse's confidence and self-esteem.

Pause the relationship for a while

The story is different if your partner is guilty or you are not sure about his innocence. Assault is a grave crime, and you must not take it frivolously, no matter how much you love the accused person. Pause your relationship for a while and take time to understand whether you want to move forward or quit. You can ask him to move out or do it yourself until the court gives a verdict and you have more clarity. Setting healthy boundaries enables you to think clearly and make the best decision for yourself.

Invest in self-care

Living with a partner accused of assault can be taxing for your mental well-being. The constant stress and apprehension can cause chronic anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Investing in self-care is the only way to salvage your sanity during a challenging time. Take a break, step out more often, or even plan a solo trip to create distance from the situation. Resuming normalcy may sound daunting, but do it as soon as possible. Be regular with your meals and exercise, socialize, and discuss your concerns with a trustworthy friend. You may even seek counseling if things are not good.

Dealing with assault accusations is not easy for anyone. It is equally painful if the accused is your partner. But you must do everything to save your relationship if he is innocent. Think carefully and choose wisely to decide whether you want to give him another chance.


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