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Steps to Discovering Your Home Decorating Style

Decorating a home can feel pretty daunting, especially when you have an idea of the style you want but don’t know how to execute it. This should be fun as you inject bits of your personality and style into your home. This article will provide you with some steps to discovering your home decorating style!

Know What You Have

Start by taking inventory of your current furniture and accessories. What pieces do you love? What pieces don’t you love as much? This is a great place to start when figuring out your home decorating style.

If you have a lot of modern, sleek furniture, perhaps a contemporary or mid-century modern style would be a good fit for you. If you have a lot of rustic and antique furniture, maybe a farmhouse or cottage style would be more your speed.

Create a Mood Board

Another step to discovering your home decorating style is to create a mood board and analyze what elements speak to you. You can use Pinterest or good old-fashioned poster boards to do this. Then, start pinning or pasting pictures of things that spark great ideas.

Your board can include furniture, accessories, art, fabric, wallpaper, or anything else you want to decorate with! After finishing your mood board, it’ll be easy to see the overall look and feel that you’re going for.

Decide on a Theme

If you’re like most people, your home decorating style won’t be just one thing. Once you have a basic idea of what direction you want to go in, it’s time to start thinking about themes that will tie the room together.

For instance, if you love all things red, white, and blue, consider ideas for year-round patriotic décor. On the other hand, your preferred style may be coastal, minimalist, or bohemian. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that the theme you choose makes your house feel like a home.

Find Your Signature Style

Now that you know the overall look and feel, start thinking about making it your own. What makes a house feel like home? It could be a piece of art by your favorite artist or an heirloom passed down through generations in your family.

Your signature style could also be the way you display your books on shelves or the cozy bedding that envelops you at night. Whatever it is, make sure that it feels like you!


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