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Sometimes it Pays to Get Stabbed in the Back

MOSI Rewards Survivor of Tampa’s Most Famous Backstabber

Tampa, FL (July 2, 2024) – Aaron Burr turned on Alexander Hamilton. Brutus betrayed Julius Caesar.


They're world-famous backstabbers. But none of them has stabbed as many backs as MOSI's Bed of Nails at Tampa's Museum of Science & Industry.


MOSI's Bed of Nails debuted 20 years ago, in July 2004, and MOSI is celebrating with an unexpected prize. One lucky MOSI guest will win a free four-pack of tickets to a Tampa Bay Lightning game—but there's a backstabbing twist! In honor of the Bed of Nails' 20 years of backstabbing, the winner will have to sit near the bench of the opposing team.

"Over 20 years, we're talking about more than a million backs stabbed by MOSI's Bed of Nails," said MOSI CEO John Graydon Smith. "Such a special birthday calls for a special prize, so we're having a little fun with it. Science plus fun is what MOSI does best, right?"

A random winner will be selected from guests who publicly post a photo of themselves on MOSI's Bed of Nails on Facebook, X, or Instagram with the hashtag #TampaBackstabber by July 31, 2024.


When MOSI's Bed of Nails stabs you in the back, it doesn't hurt. Guests lay down and hold a button. As they do, the points of 3,600 nails rise from below and push into their back, arms, and legs. Because the guest's weight is evenly distributed across the nails, no single nail has enough force to hurt.


Brave guests can try out MOSI's Bed of Nails for themselves every day at the Museum of Science & Industry in North Tampa. It's one of the dozens of hands-on science experiences included with MOSI admission.


About MOSI, Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry

MOSI is Tampa Bay's center of science and innovation, located in North Tampa at 4801 E. Fowler Ave.

Welcome to the Museum of Science and Industry, where the wonders of science come to life. We are a hands-on science center dedicated to interactive learning and playful exploration. With engaging permanent and rotating exhibits and out of this world programming, MOSI makes science and technology accessible to all. Come join us on a journey of discovery and unlock the mysteries of the world around us.



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