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Simple Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Creative Side

When you have children, you need to ensure that you take care of all of their essential needs. You need to feed them, clothe them, take them to the doctor regularly, and give them basic shelter. On top of all of this, you should also strive to stimulate them mentally and bring out their creativity. Here are some simple ways to encourage your child’s creative side.

Limit Screen Time

A big problem that many children face when it comes to being creative is that they want to watch things instead of doing things. Adults struggle with this as well, but it’s critical to a child’s creative development that you limit their screen time. They should be bored, as this is when they can be the most creative and discover new passions. Take the phones away, put some books or pens in their hand, and let them go to work.

Expose Them to All Kinds of Art

A great way to kickstart your child’s creativity is by continually exposing them to the wide variety of art in the world. There are seven different art forms that they would significantly benefit from experimenting with, such as painting, music, and sculpture. Of course, the best way to be creative is to get out and do it, but exploring the many different art forms and the fantastic works from previous artists is an excellent way to kickstart their creativity.

Don’t Put Restrictions on Them

Another issue that many parents face when trying to help their children be more creative is that they place restrictions on them. For example, instead of giving a child a blank page, they provide them with a coloring book and are stringent about staying within the lines. Creativity is a process full of ups and downs, and you shouldn’t try to guide them along the way. Sure, don’t allow them to draw on the walls, but let them experiment. This experimentation is the key to encouraging their creativity.

Don’t Project Your Passions Onto Them

An issue that many parents struggle with is that they project their wants and desires onto their children. Instead of letting them be creative, they try to put their creativity in a box modeled after what they did previously. For example, don’t make your child play the piano if you play the piano. Instead, see what draws them in, and encourage exploration in that area.

These are a few simple ways to encourage your child’s creative side, but it’s important to note that every child is different. Some of these will work better than others. You need to sit with your child and try to talk to and understand them. This way, you can learn what they have going on in their brain, and you can help them put it onto paper.


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