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Migraine Self-Management: Tips for Busy Moms

Migraine is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Migraine affects women nearly three times more than men, with one in five U.S. women suffering from the condition. And the noticeable fact is that most women do not seek professional migraine treatment but rely on social networks for knowledge.

While self-management is a great initiative towards oneself, very little is known about the right criteria when it comes to handling migraine pain. As per the available data on how women self-manage migraine headaches, we have shared some proven tips on it. Continue reading.

Know Your Triggers and Manage Them

The primary strategy to fight against your migraine pain is to know your trigger points. There are different types of headaches, and figuring out your type makes it easy for you to deal with them. If you can't keep track of your patterns, maintain a journal and record everything you notice before and after your migraine pain, including both triggers and remedies.

It could be stress, overthinking, loud noises, coffee, or even speaking too loudly. Or, it could be a host of other possible factors. When you know your trigger, you avoid it and prevent the chances of a pain attack.

Add 'Healthy' to Your Diet

There's no denying that diet creates a direct impact on your health. In case of headaches, what you eat and what not can influence the severity of your migraine pain. Many moms skip their meals either due to stress or their busy schedule, but that's no point at all.

It can trigger your pain. Moms should take all the meals in the day, not too heavy and not too light. Eating in a balance is the key. Besides, you can consult your primary care doctor to make a custom diet chart for you as per your triggers and other factors.

A Relaxing Time Can Act as a Balm

Mothers barely get time for themselves. Though you cannot run away from your endless responsibilities, migraine experts suggest that mothers should at least take out one hour a day to have a relaxing time with no one but themselves.

And it could be anything. You may like to treat your pain by taking a nap while listening to some calm music or going for your yoga session. You could also just perform some relaxation techniques in a peaceful setting. Learn to relax every time you feel stressed or tired.

Prevention is Better than Cure

This is so important. Once you know your possible triggers, prevent yourself from confronting those things. You might feel like that would be difficult, but when you consciously think about it, you will be at ease. You can also instruct your family members about the things that they should avoid and which can trigger your migraine pain. This will help a lot.

Final Thoughts

Migraine pain can be severe and can adversely affect your everyday life. While self-management strategies can play a considerable role in milder levels of pain, mothers with severe symptoms should seek professional care.


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