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How To Prepare for a Sleepover at Your House

Quick! It’s T-minus 24 hours until your child’s sleepover party, and you haven’t done anything to get your house ready for all the kids coming over. What are you going to do? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come across our guide on how to prepare for a sleepover at your house last minute. We’ll make sure you’re ready to host and entertain all those little rascals for a smooth event.

Start With Cleaning

First things first, start by cleaning everything you can. Not only is it a good idea to keep things sanitary in the current climate, but you want to make your home look presentable. Sure, the kids won’t care, but their parents will when they come to drop them off. If they release their child into a filthy home, they’re going to be worrying about it all night. Plus, the judgmental stares you’ll receive won’t feel great.

Set Up Preventative Measures Against Messes

Not only should you remove messes before anyone gets there, but you should have safeguards in place to prevent new messes after the kids arrive. Kids can be quite the little terrors when their parents aren’t around, but you shouldn’t have to suffer through the amount of cleaning they leave behind when they head out the next day.

One of the best ways to stop messes before they start is by using cups with lids. Someone is bound to knock a drink over while they play, so a secure top will save you a lot of trouble. Food spills are just as likely, though. Whether they eat at the kitchen table or on the couch, a food mess will be difficult to get out. That’s why you should make your furniture spill-proof with slipcovers if at all possible.

Designate Certain Rooms for Play

You likely have a room or two that you don’t want these children to destroy while they’re in your home, so figure out how to keep the kids out. If you can lock the doors for those rooms, you’ll be golden, but that may not be an option.

One of the best methods is to ensure that all your kid’s toys are either in their room or the living room. This will draw the kids to those areas and keep them from needing to explore the rest of your home. If all else fails, set some ground rules. Hopefully, none of the children are feeling too rebellious.

Buy Tons of Snacks

You’d be shocked how quickly a group of kids can tear through a pile of snacks, no matter their ages. That’s why the final tip to prepare for a sleepover at your house is to make sure you buy a bunch of snacks. It doesn’t hurt to get too many. The worst-case scenario for buying too much is that your child will have an abundance of snacks for the next few weeks. On the other hand, if you run out mid-sleepover, good luck with the mutiny that’s about to go down in your house.

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