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How To Organize Stuffed Animals in the Nursery

Your child spends most of their time playing in their room, and boy, what a place is it to be! There are many ways for your child to play in their room—from imaginary tea parties with their toy bear kingdom to playing house with their beloved stuffed animals. These games are fun and all, but they can leave a room cluttered. Here are some tips regarding how to organize stuffed animals in the nursery, so you and your little one can easily take the room from messy to pristine.


A cubby is a parent’s secret weapon for a cleaner, more organized room. These easy-to-carry boxes are stackable, slide in and out of a shelf or underneath a bed perfectly, and store everything from blocks to stuffed animals. These cubbies are also multipurpose, so after your little one grows out of playing with their toys, you can use them to store bathroom supplies, clothes, and books.


If your baby’s bedroom needs shelves for their favorite plushies, try getting creative with the placement. If your nursery has a woodland theme, consider using shelves made of natural materials or painted with a forest-themed design. Shelves allow you to make a statement while staying organized.


If your child’s room doesn’t have a lot of space for shelves, you can turn to the closet. A closet is the perfect place to store pretty much everything. Use one area for clothes and the other for plush toys. Closets really can make the room feel more organized, especially since you can keep these items hidden away when not in use.


Most types of furniture in the room can be a solid place to store stuffed animals, but there are some places to avoid, like the crib. Stuffed animals should never go into cribs when your little one is a newborn because they can cause suffocation. Avoid storing plushies in places that could be unsafe, like dangling off the side of a dresser; you don’t want your kid to get into mischief and potentially even hurt themselves. Keep everyone in the nursery safer with better organizational strategies for stuffed animals. Other types of furniture, like wardrobes and cabinets, are much better options.

Finding space for toys, books, clothes, and decorations requires strategic planning before putting the bedroom together for your little one. Keep this guide in mind as you search for fun and creative ways to store their favorite plushies.


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