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Fun and Unique Outdoor Activities for Kids This Spring

Spring is here, and those Florida cold fronts are behind us, meaning the springtime weather stays fresh and ideal throughout the season. Take advantage of this good weather by planning fun and unique outdoor activities for your kids this spring. Here are just a few that we recommend.

Wildlife Safari

Florida is home to all sorts of animals, from common squirrels to the elegant Ibis. Make a bingo sheet of different animals you know are in the area and head to the park. See how many your kids can find in a day. If you don't have many animals in your region, consider using local plants as well. Promising ice cream if they get a bingo is a good motivator.

Teaching Your Kids To Drive

Of course, don’t put your children behind the wheel of your car. You don’t need your insurance premiums going up like that. However, electronic ride-ons are super fun and a unique outdoor activity for kids this spring. Kids love the sensation of driving their own cars. An electronic ride-on makes them feel cool and grown-up and teaches them responsibility.

Having Fun With Water

So long as you keep it out of the house, getting wet is lots of fun, and there are plenty of activities your kids can do outside with water. Set up a slip 'n slide or fill an inflatable pool. Let your kids jump around in the sprinklers, or even give them a bucket or two full of water balloons to create a fun and exciting spring afternoon. Water games are best on those sweltering days, so make sure you have a towel or two on hand.

Cloud Gazing

Sometimes, the best activity is lying in the grass and enjoying nature. Look up at the sky and see what shapes your children see in the clouds. Watching the clouds is an excellent activity to help you wind down after a long day of running around.


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