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Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody Lawyers

Getting a divorce or separating from your partner is always difficult and messy, but whenever the question arises about child custody, things are bound to get ugly. Under the Family Law Act of 1975, children have a right to have a quality relationship with both parents. This law is also gender-neutral, as it does not make a distinction about parenting roles. Both parents share the same responsibilities towards their child, and the court always makes decisions that are in the best interests of the child.

In most cases parents discuss about the needs of their children and come to an agreement about responsibilities and ensuring their wellbeing. In cases of mutual agreement, one does not have to go to the court. They simply have to get a consent for parenting order which is issued by the court. Since, the outcome of child support cases has very high stakes, it is always advisable to consult specialized child custody lawyers who have good communication skills and expertise, and will fight for your rights.

Role Of Child Custody Lawyers

In some cases, there may be a lot of disagreements about the nature of responsibilities to be shared, living arrangements, child support, and taking important decisions about their children. That’s where specialized lawyers provide their expertise to come to a compromise between both parties and make decisions regarding the following matters, also called the parenting order-

· Primary caregiver to the child

· Special needs and requirements of the child

· Responsibility of taking decisions for the child

· Maintenance of the child

· Visitation hours

· Education and medical decisions of the child

Child custody lawyers also help in case of breach of the parenting order. So, one should always consult these lawyers if they feel that the other party is not abiding to the custody arrangements to ensure the best interests of the child.

Who Can Request For Child Custody?

Parenting order can be requested not only by parents, but also by any person who cares for the child’s wellbeing. They can be grandparents, godparents, legal guardians, and also step parents if they think that the parents are unfit to take care of the child’s physical as well as emotional needs. Specialized child custody lawyers provide help in such cases. So, before going to the court, the applicant is advised to resolve disputes concerning the child by attending Family Dispute Resolution meetings to resolve the dispute and spare the child of the trauma. Unmarried couples with children also have the same rights to child custody arrangements.

Finding The Right Lawyer

Doing what is best for the child should be the number one priority of any parent while going through a divorce or separation. Therefore, it is only smart to look for child custody lawyers who will help you get through this difficult situation while taking decisions in the best interests of the child. Qualities that one should look for in a good attorney or lawyer are:

· Work Experience- It is important to learn about the types of cases that the lawyer has dealt with in the past. This gives an overview of the attorney’s skills and expertise and will boost your confidence.

· Communication- A child support lawyer should be able to communicate your case clearly and come to an arrangement that suits both parties.

· Empathy- While choosing an attorney, it is essential that they are able to understand your grievances and deal the case with sensitivity, keeping in mind the child’s welfare.

Separation and custody battles are hard enough on you, but don’t let it affect your child’s wellbeing. Choose the right child custody lawyers who will help you do what’s best for your child.

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