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Creative Family Art Projects for Springtime

At last, spring is finally here! The weather is staying consistently warm, and the flowers are blooming all around the beautiful city of Tampa. When you think of spring, you may think of flowers, pastel colors, and sunshine. This time of year brings great inspiration for creative activities that you and the little ones can enjoy on a warm day! Here are three creative family art projects for springtime to bring in the new season!

Spring Egg Carton Chicks

These adorable egg carton chicks are the best kids’ craft for the springtime. The kids will enjoy making them while being environmentally friendly!

To make these cute chicks, you need:

  • Egg cartons

  • Construction paper

  • Glue, scissors, markers

  • Acrylic paint and brush

After gathering your supplies, you’re ready to create your spring chicks!

Directions for spring egg carton chicks:

  • Cut two egg holders from the carton and trim off excess edges

  • Next, glue the two pieces together

  • Once the glue dries, paint your carton and allow the paint to dry

  • Lastly, add a beak and eyes

And you’re done! This craft is quick, easy, and perfect for those rainy spring shower days.

Q-Tip Little Lamb

This cute q-tip lamb craft is the perfect way to be festive for the spring! You can use the lamb as bookends, place card holders, or display them on your shelves.

To create this little lamb, you’ll need:

  • Q-tips

  • White glue

  • Fine tip magic markers

  • Pink color pencil or crayon

  • Scissors

  • White construction paper

  • Red ribbon

  • Two clothespins

Once you get all your supplies, you can create your lamb!

Instructions for Q-tip little lamb:

  • Trace and cut out the lamb’s body and head. Remember that the bigger you make the pieces, the more q-tips you’ll need to use.

  • Cut off the tips of the q-tips. Be careful! They will fly around the room.

  • Start gluing the q-tip ends on the body of the lamb. Start on the outside edges and work your way inward.

  • Start gluing about four pieces on the head. Make sure you add two sideways q-tip ends for the ears!

  • Use your fine tip magic marker to draw your lamb face.

  • Color the lamb’s rosy cheeks using a light pink pencil or crayon.

  • Tie the red ribbon into a small bow and glue it on top of the lamb’s head.

  • Glue the lamb’s head onto the body.

  • Lastly, glue two clothespins to the back of the lamb.

Once you finish, you’ll have a super cute little lamb!

Blooming Chalk Flowers

When you think of spring, florals always come to mind. This project is perfect for getting in the spring spirit!

To create the blooming chalk flowers, you’ll need:

  • Black chalkboard paper

  • Chalk or oil pastels

This art project is simple because it doesn’t require many steps. All you must do is draw your best flowers on paper! This easy project allows your kid to show off their art skills. Plus, you can use the chalkboard paper for many other crafts in the future!

Spring is the season of new beginnings and creating new experiences. Kick this season off by doing these three creative family art projects for the springtime.


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