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Brewquet Review, Discount and Giveaway!!!

I am so excited to be writing a review for Brewquet and able to offer a discount code off your order! Not to mention a GIVEAWAY!!! (Check that out and enter at the bottom of this page through Rafflecopter)

Brewquet is perfect for any ale aficionado or someone you may be in an gift rut with.

First a little back story...

My husband and I have been together close to 20 years. I hate to say we're at the point of our relationship where gift giving is getting hard but here we are! Contrary to what he says... he is not easy to buy for. (We still have some birthday and Christmas gifts I gave him sitting opened but untouched). The few things he wants he gets himself. SO every single holiday I struggle finding a gift.

When it comes to gift giving I do have a few rules.

1. It needs to be something they wouldn't generally buy themselves.

2. It should be something they are interested in or that sparks and interest.

3. It should be useful or useable but not something to make more work.

This essentially eliminates video games (he will get those himself), socks, ties, and things like that (unless they are novelty items), and pretty much any tools or things like appliances. So as you can imagine after all these years I've essentially exhausted my gift giving ideas. But then I found Brewquet!

Brewquet is definitely something he wouldn't buy himself! It's perfect for anyone who is a beer drinker or interested in trying different brews. And it's useable and delicious and certainly likely to makes someone kick back and relax! And how many delivery items are this creative? Add to that it's a local Tampa Bay Company and it includes 6 local Florida Brewed beers!

If anyone knows me they know I love supporting local businesses so that alone is a gift in itself especially if you are giving a gift to another like minded person. But now you're adding the unique packaging and delivery and it's really makes for a fun surprise!

6 different local cans of beer are securely packaged inside the box. Then it is decorated to look like a box of flowers!

It is so cute and my husband was honestly so happy with it! It comes with your choice of holiday card (they have one for literally any and every occasion). You can select your color of flowers too to really customize it to suit your recipient and the event perfectly.

It's hard not to smile when you open the package but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Once they dig a little deeper, literally, and pluck the cans of beer from the Brewquet they find a fun variety of beer!

How great is this?!?!

It's such an excellent gift. Everyone loves getting surprise packages and as far as gifts go it's right on the nose for unique, useful, thoughtful and fun!

I also love that they rotate their beer selection too so you can order for other occasions and get a very different experience!

They also have more than just the Brewquet box. They also have other fun gifts like the DIY Caddy Gift Set.

The Brewquet® DIY Gift Set is a customized wooden caddy that holds six beers and includes a bottle opener, magnetic flowers, chalkboard, chalk and gift tag for you to fill with your own favorite bottles!

You can also get just the caddy alone or even just the can toppers or bottle toppers to dress up your own drinks at home! You can also order just the beer without the flowers (but what fun would that be?).

You can get order from Bewquet and get 10% off your order with code TBMG!

AND shipping is free for orders over $30!

If you are looking to get your order by Valentines day order by 2/10!!!

But now is the fun part. Let's give you a chance to shop Brewquet! You can enter to win a $50 gift Card for your self or to give as a gift! You must be 21 to win, proof of age is required to claim prize. Giveaway ends 2/9/21.

****I did receive a box of Brewquet in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No monetary compensation was exchanged and all opinions are my own.

*** To learn more about our giveaways, rules and restrictions visit the giveaway rules page or email


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