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6 things all parents or caregivers should consider when choosing a newborn photographer

1. Safety

The safety and security of your child is the most important factor when choosing a newborn photographer, and here’s why: photographers who are not trained in posing and handling newborns can cause lifelong injuries. It’s that simple. Specialized training is a must. Just as any human, newborn babies have individual personalities, physical constraints, and comfortable and uncomfortable positions. Unsafe posing can injure your child, reduce circulation, cause them to become overheated, or restrict their breathing. Professional newborn photographers invest many hours and money in training with experienced mentors and teachers. The hands-on training and mentoring that I received, along with many portfolio-building model call sessions has been the key to my learning, training, and education to keep your baby safe and secure. Additionally, an assistant is always on-hand in the studio for an extra set of hands and eyes for added protection of your little one. Ask your prospective photographer if they are professionally trained to handle and pose your baby safely.

2. Location

When it comes to location, most newborn photographers photograph: 1) in a private commercial studio 2) in their in-home studio 3) in your home Let’s talk about each of those. A private commercial studio is a space that is the photographer’s “home base.” It is rented or owned by the photographer and set up specifically for your and the photographer's needs. Private commercial studios are a great choice for parents or caregivers who desire a safe, clean, comfortable space away from home. An in-home studio is usually a space in or at the photographer’s residence that is set aside and designed for photography sessions. In-home studios are a great option for some photographers who prefer to be close to their own home, family, and enjoy the convenience of working from home. If your prospective photographer uses an in-home studio, be sure to ask about what measures they’ve taken to keep their space quiet, comfortable, and secure for your family. Some newborn photographers have portable set ups that bring with them to your home! This is the perfect option for families not wanting to leave their own comfortable space, but may not work well if space is tight in your home or you have other children, pets, or family members that may become loud or a distraction during your baby’s photography session. 3. Budget

Budget can play an important role in which photographer you can and can’t hire to document your baby’s first weeks earthside. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” when it comes to newborn photography. Most families are best served if they focus on finding a photographer that they love and feel comfortable with rather than focusing on pricing. Photo sessions with most experienced newborn photographers should be an important investment. Quiet, clean studio spaces with a diversity of wraps, props, and equipment contribute to a higher cost of doing business. Additionally, the training and time invested by your photographer is talent that should be fairly-compensated.

4. Style

Photographers are artists and many have developed a consistent style of lighting, styling, photographing and editing their images. Some photographers may be considered to have a dark and moody style, while others have a light and colorful aesthetic. However, many great photographers are able to switch back and forth based on the desires of their clients and the vision that the photographer has in mind. When looking for a newborn photographer, it is critical that you take time to look through the photographers portfolio including their website and social media. You can also request to see a full gallery of images from a single newborn shoot to get an idea of what your own gallery may look like. Here are my links! 5. Services

When you are choosing a newborn photographer, you should not only consider the experience, style, and price, but you should also consider the Services that they provide. While some studios are fully stocked with props, wraps, bonnets, headbands, backdrops, and more, some photographers travel lightly and may ask that you be prepared with these items for your child. Other things that you should consider is whether or not the photographer offers printing services, albums, and other art to help you turn your images into heirlooms. Other things to consider: Does your photographer provide a preparation guide ahead of your session? Does your photographer seek your guidance on session preparation and styling? Does your prospective photographer offer printing and wall art services? If you have other children, does your photographer have toys, games, books, and other items to help keep them entertained during your newborn’s session? 6. Timing

If you are pregnant now, it’s time to start looking! Some photographers book months in advance and you’ll need to go ahead and reserve your session soon. Legacy Newborn Photography books up to 7 months in advance sometimes. The earlier you reserve your photographer’s time, the more opportunity there is to bond, plan your session, and get a feel for how things will go after your baby arrives. Has your baby already arrived? Don’t worry! Reach out to us and we will do our best to get you into the studio as soon as possible. While baby’s are best photographed between 5 and 14 days old while they’re still very sleepy, we will always do our best to get those precious little poses even if your baby is a little older.


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