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5 Tips To Help Your Child Remember Words in Spanish Easier

Growing up bilingual is one of the best tools you can offer your children because it will open many doors and opportunities in a globalized world. Cultural differences make the world unique, and the best way to understand these differences and create a better environment is with language.

Children attending bilingual schools or schools with language programs have a different world perspective because it breaks barriers and expands knowledge. If you made the valuable decision of allowing your kid to learn a new language, here are five tips to help your child remember words in Spanish easier.

Use Sticky Notes

Posting sticky notes around your home will help your child remember names for specific things. The most common places to locate these notes are the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Setting a strong base by learning specific words will lead to learning how to use them in complete sentences.

Relate Them to Something

Sometimes words have a similar sound in two languages, making it simple to remember because it’s already a known word. When two words are completely different, a good technique is to use a clear image to relate the word in Spanish to its meaning. For example, the word dog in Spanish is “perro,” and relating the strong sounds of the double r sound to a dog’s growl will make it easier to remember.

Constant Practice

Keeping up with your kid’s Spanish program is the best way to help them understand topics and specific subjects. Speaking and learning a different language will help a child’s development; this means speaking during class and at home for more practice. You can dedicate as little as one hour daily to reviewing specifics to reinforce learning and deliver a better experience.

Learn a Song

Learning the lyrics to a song is a common technique, especially when that song uses easy-to-digest words aimed at children. Repeating the lyrics constantly will eventually make more sense and will make it easier to remember specific words. It also helps when a kid tries to use a specific word; although they might have to sing the entire song before finding it, it will greatly help.

Watch TV in Spanish

Watching an entire show in another language when you can’t fully understand it could become challenging and cause your kid to lose interest. A fun activity you can do is watch a movie you all have watched before but in Spanish and stay alert for known words and relate them to the context.

To remember words in Spanish easier, you must create an interactive and fun environment for your kid. These suggestions should help you out!


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