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4 Rhinestone Crafts To Try With Your Kids

Rhinestones are colorful and shiny, and many kids love them for these reasons. If your child is a fan of all things that shine and glitter, check out these four rhinestone crafts to try with your kids. These creative crafts will provide hours of fun and smiles.

Rhinestone Tote

A rhinestone canvas tote is a convenient, eco-friendly, and glamorous way to carry your stuff. Dress one up by decorating it with a simple rhinestone pattern. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, you can cover a tote with your child’s favorite thing, whether that’s a horse, a movie character, or pizza! These intricate patterns take more time, but the result will be worth your and your child’s hard work.

Rhinestone Keychain

Create a cute accessory for your child’s previously made tote or backpack by bedazzling a keychain. For this, you’ll need a basic keychain and a lot of tiny, flatback rhinestones. You can use the tip of a pencil to apply them one by one to the accessory. Since the pattern is already “made for you,” you won’t have to create your own. However, since the rhinestones are so small, you’ll need to maintain a slow, steady hand when attaching them.

Rhinestone Vase or Pot

If your child loves plants, a personalized vase or pot will encourage them to grow this interest. If decorating a square or rectangular vase or pot, you can use standard rhinestones, but for a curved vase or pot, you’ll need to use pliable rhinestone bands instead. Once done, fill your glammed-up container with pretty flowers and put it where you can admire it all day.

Rhinestone Tissue Box

Runny, sneezy noses are no fun. But you can make nose-blowing feel less gross and more fabulous by blinging a plain tissue box. You can use hotfix or glue-on stones in a variety of sizes and colors to create a beautiful pattern that cheers you up when your nose is feeling down.

The next time you have free time, try out these four fun rhinestone crafts for parents and kids! They’re great bonding activities, and you also get a neat little craft as a reward. But before you start, make sure to plan your craft and purchase the correct kind, color, and size of crystal—after all, you need rhinestones to rhinestone!


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