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4 Easy Tips To Cool Down The Temperature Of A Room Fast

Sometimes, heat waves can unexpectedly strike at home, and it won't take long before your home gets filled up with stifling hot air. And before you are even aware, you would start to feel uncomfortable and need to cool your home temperature.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can cool down the temperature of your room fast. So let's look at these tips to help you quickly cool down your room temperature.

Install window air conditioner unit

A significant way of quickly cooling down your room is to install a smart window air conditioner. An air conditioner will effectively cool down your room by working to condition the air in your room.

Usually, it will take longer for a central air conditioner system to cool down your entire room effectively, so installing a smart window A/C unit is the best and easiest, especially if you already have a window sash.

Turn on ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are another effective means of cooling down the temperature in your home because they move air around your room and make a draft. Ceiling fans pull the air up when they circulate, and when the hot air rises, it will help cool down your room faster. If you have a ceiling fan installed, you should turn it on.

If your fan has speed settings (low, medium, and high), then you should choose the highest settings. To ensure your fan works properly, check to ensure the ceiling fan blade is rotating counterclockwise when you view it from below.

If not, then you can adjust the settings. For example, turning the fan to rotate counterclockwise and then putting it on a higher speed will significantly increase the airflow.

Open your windows at night

Temperatures drop at night and also in summer. So, you can take advantage of this cool air by opening your windows at night before you go to bed. Additionally, you can also decide to set up a fan across your window to get a cross breeze. Ensure you tightly close your windows, blinds, and curtains when you wake up in the morning. It would be best if you also unplug all electronics in your room at night, so your room can cool down even more.

Close curtains and blinds

Heat can come into your room from the windows. So it would be best if you closed your window coverings to prevent sunlight from heating your room. If you don't have blinds or curtains, you should invest in some, especially if your windows face the west or south.

When using a window covering, you reduce your room temperature by about 20 degrees. Ensure you keep your window coverings closed every morning to the late afternoon when the sun is usually at its highest. If the heat is persistent in your room, you can consider purchasing thermal insulated blackout curtains.


As the temperature rises, the home's interior would also get hotter. Several methods can quickly cool down your room when the temperature is high. A good option would be to combine several tips mentioned above to ensure your room cools down faster.

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