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4 Budget-Friendly Pool Maintenance Tips To Try

If there’s one way to stay cool in the constant heat, it’s by taking a dip in the pool. Your kids love hanging out and playing games together while you and your mom-friends lounge out, soaking up the sun.

However, the more you use your pool, the more often you must clean and maintain it. This can become costly if you don’t take the proper steps. So here are four budget-friendly pool maintenance tips to try so that you can enjoy the cooling waters without too much worry about money.

Conserve Water

Water loss can quickly become a money-draining problem, from backwashing to splash-outs from your kids performing cannonballs to evaporation and leaks. Over time, improper conservation can lead to wasted water, overuse of chemicals, and a high water bill. So one of the budget-friendly pool maintenance tips to try is reducing water costs throughout the year.

You can invest in a pool cover to minimize evaporation and find leaks to repair. You can also plant evergreen hedges, walls, and windscreens to reduce evaporation due to windy conditions even further. Lastly, try to keep your pool temperature cool, as warmer temperatures can, again, cause evaporation.

Purchase Chemicals in Bulk

Depending on where you purchase your pool chemicals, it can become costly to repurchase chemicals repeatedly. So pay attention to any specials or deals throughout the year and buy your chemicals in bulk instead.

If you buy your chemicals in bulk, it will save you money in the long run. Additionally, keep track of chemical usage so you can plan your future purchases and not waste money.

Make Cleaning Easy

Whether you have a vinyl pool lining, a fiberglass pool interior, or glass installed, keeping your pool clean takes a lot of work. When you hire a crew to come open, clean, and close your pool throughout the year, it can quickly increase your payments and empty your wallet. So learn how to do it yourself without breaking the bank.

When it comes to cleaning your pool, one of the first steps is to skim any floating debris while cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets. Additionally, clean the filter regularly, change out old gaskets and O-rings while keeping them lubed, add chlorine stabilizers before depletion, and watch the pressure gauge. Also, if you have a glass tile waterline, you can clean it with a sponge or washcloth with mild soap, as glass isn’t porous.

Use a Solar Cover

Having an ice-cold pool isn’t always a favorite for little swimmers. However, the cost of keeping your pool warm all day can quickly become expensive. One of the best investments you can make is purchasing a solar pool cover. They keep debris out of your pool and attract heat from the sun.

If you have a heater for your pool, you can turn it on to the desired temperature, turn it off, then throw over the pool cover in the evening to keep it warmer longer.

Having your children and friends feel comfortable in your pool doesn’t have to cost your mortgage. So think of your game plan for your pool and watch the costs slowly decrease.

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