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3 Ways To Decorate Your Florida Home for Thanksgiving

Have you felt a breeze recently? That’s a sign that fall is around the corner, and conditions will soon begin to turn cooler. So, as we start to pack up our Halloween costumes, put on warmer clothes, and gather near a cozy fire, we can settle in and start planning for the holidays. Of course, the first holiday to think about decorating for is Thanksgiving, and what could be better than decorating your entire home for the occasion. Here’s a list of three ways to decorate your Florida home for Thanksgiving.

Infuse the Home With Scents

It’s time to put away the spring and summer scents and pull out the autumn fragrances. Scents like rich apple cinnamon and sweet pumpkin spice work well. Indeed, all fall scents are a must to use in your home this Thanksgiving.

If you want to send guests on a fun journey through smell, consider doing the following fun project. This fun decoration is simple, and all you need is a pretty ribbon, a dried orange or perforated ball, and some scents to insert—essential oils work well!

Once you’ve dried the orange peels in the oven and let them cool, put a few drops of essential oils on them or insert cloves into them. Then hang your completed craft from a bow. This project is fun for the entire family and gives the children something to do while you’re cooking.

Decorate Your Porch and Entryway

Every family engagement starts in the entryway. So, to help you deck out the door and porch this year, we have laid out some fun ideas to add to your space. First, if you have an entryway seating area that you’re not using, consider placing fun throw pillows with deep orange and rusty brown hues in the area.

To embrace the fall palette, use fall-colored vintage antiques to help the area feel more autumnal and give the porch a rustic feel. Decorating your porch is a fun way to elevate your home and make it feel welcoming.

If you want to decorate the porch for Thanksgiving, one last thing to do is add a wreath. You can create the wreath in any way you’d like. Use garland, berries, fall flowers, and corn husks to create the perfect accessory.

Incorporate Fall Around the Home

Whether it’s a foliage arrangement or an assortment of gourds that adorn the center of each table around the home, the project ideas are endless. Visit websites to get unique ideas on DIY fall decorations. We think using simple gourds or fall foliage from around the yard helps create the perfect centerpieces for the home.

Fall is a magical season that teaches us to appreciate the current, look back on the past, and glance forward to the future. So, as we prepare to meet this season, let’s not forget to add fun decorations to our homes, especially these three ways to decorate your Florida home for Thanksgiving.

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