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Preschool Watch

Life with toddlers can be rough. If you've made it past this stage you already know.

The simplest things like a change in routine can trigger a meltdown.

Leaving a place they are having fun can cause extreme emotions.

The uncertainty of what they are doing and when can be very stressful.

As adults we take for granted how comforting it is to understand time, know when things are happening and able to feel some sense of control. But when you're 3 you don't have that. In fact you don't even always have the verbal ability to relay your feelings of frustration or lack of control which often can mean tears and tantrums.

Telling my little E that it was time to go in 5 minutes really doesn't do much when at 3 he has no idea how long that actually is so when he's being good, playing and having fun and that 5 minutes is gone it throws him for a loop. But it's really hard to teach time to a child.

Well, not anymore. Things have been much smoother since we got our watch and clock from Preschool Collection.

We started out simple with the watch alone. He was really excited for it. I figured with his age and attention span not to throw too much at him at once.

A big thing for use is just wearing it. The novelty of it was not to be underestimated... the ability to wear a big boy watch of his very own! And this one has fire trucks (which is a current obsession). But we had to get to the point where when the novelty of the watch wore off he still wanted to wear it. That took a little getting used to so we made it into a game. Every time the watch was at a certain point he got a gummy. (Yes, I use gummies as bribery for EVERYTHING and once again they came through.)

It became a game and also taught him not just to wear the watch but to pay attention. I'd ask "Is it gummy time" which was when the little hand was on the bunny. He caught on fast!

I think the fact that he loved the designe helped. There's several designs to choose from from dinosaurs to trucks, unicorns and mermaids and more! It's easy to find a colorful watch your kid will love.

Once he got used to wearing and understanding the watch I then introduced the wall clock by using the paper one that was included. Having a large example of what he was looking at and something he can move really helped him understand the concept of and how it works.

Basically the minutes are animals and the hours are colors. Once he got that we used the included stickers to customize it.

We put the sticker for dinner on the green, teeth brushing on the brown and bed on the grey, etc.

He immediately started looking at his watch and the wall clock and within a day was reminding me when it was time to read a story or have a snack!

Transitioning from activities is so much easier now. In fact it's honestly enjoyable. My little guy can easily see when it’s time to do everything from wake up to play!

And going out is a snap when he can check his watch to see how long he has to go. Now not only is leaving a place easier but it’s adorable since he gets to help me keep track of when we need to go!

This watch is a game changer and a must for toddlers and preschoolers or at least for a parents peace of mind! Wait till your kids starts telling you it's time to do something!

I’m considering getting another for my older child who is special needs and has a hard time with clocks. I feel like this watch really has so many applications for kids. We love it!

You can order yours here dirent:

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