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Chef Ami-Review & Giveaway

SO we have this amazing giveaway (lower on the page) and are picking 3 winner but before we get to that I want to tell you why I'm so excited over this!!!

What is one thing as moms we could always use? Something there just is never enough of? If you ask me I'd say time. There are not enough hours in the day. There's not enough time to spend with my kids. There isn't enough time to get everything on my to do list done. There's never enough time. So any chance I have to save myself some time I take it.

That's why I love meal delivery services. I've tried a few and found one tat for the most part I've been happy enough with. It's had some flaws though, such as food being transported from such a distance often items were totally thawed out. Or shipping being so careless things were squished or broken. So yeah, meal delivery is great but if it's not saving me time (and money) is it serving it's purpose?

Save time at the store! You have no idea how involved and time consuming a store trip can be unless you have children. Skip the store and have 3 days worth of meals delivered right to your door step.

Save time cooking! The meals take an average of 30 minutes to prepare! You are saving time on prep since the ingredients are packaged by meal and pre measured. This also lets you save money! No more spending several dollars on an ingredient where you only need a teaspoon. No more wasting money and tossing out unused food!

Save time cleaning! The easy to follow recipes and pre measured ingredients and simple to follow meals means less dishes and mess too!

Save the environment! Many meal services claim to be environmentally friendly but only Chef Ami picks up their packaging after each delivery! And rhe packaging! It's small and neat and thoughtfully put together. Items are in small sacks, not bulky boxes or large paper bags. This means your shipments stays safe and creates less waste and the containers are recyclable!

And Save Money!!!! Less trips to the store, less over buying items for meals, all this makes for less money spent to feed your family! And you are feeding them the freshest ingredients available! Eating healthy and not spending a lot to do it makes me happy!

My first box really impressed me.

The box was half the size and weight of most delivery boxes I've had. I also really liked that the ice packages were actual ice packages instead of those slush bags that when they rip ooze that jelly like goo all over my food!

I also appreciate the packaging being small bags instead of bulky boxes or large paper bags that take up valuable space in my fridge.

I also love the recipe cards are clear and easy to follow. And the pre measured ingredients were much more comprehensive than other services I've used. They even provide butter when needed! I've never found a service that provide so much.

The meals offered a variety of cooking styles and a wide range of flavors and I loved how easy it was for me to customize aspects to make the items fit my kids tastes perfectly. Cooking was so easy in fact that the kids enjoyed helping with the meals!

Now I will admit as tasty as these dishes were my finished products weren't s pretty as the meals pictured.

We can blame that on my kids helping (right?).

But the truth is we didn't spend much time appreciating how colorful and appetizing they looked because we dove right in and let me say....


I really can't rave enough. And the portions were more than generous and even gave us a little for leftovers! My kids loved it, I loved it and that alone is enough of a reason for me to subscribe.

But what really makes Chef Ami really stand out is it's local. I don't have to worry about my meals traveling across states, meats thawing or being left out in the Florida heat. They personally deliver your meals and because they are local they know how important safe packaging is. And I also love the idea of supporting local businesses!

There are so many reasons to try Chef Ami and we hope you do. I am certain you won't be disappointed.

You can learn more about Chef Ami and sign up here:

You can find them on Facebook here:

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Or email them here: Call them here: 1 (813) 773-4719

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