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5 Activities Proven to Entertain the Kids During Break

Summer is the best time of year, not just for students, but us, the parents! We can finally set aside time to indulge in a wonderful vacation with our family! However, vacations aren’t the smoothest occasions sometimes, especially when kids have a tendency to get antsy, bored, and tantrum-prone. Thankfully, we can do our best to avoid an unpleasant scenario by having the right tools and back-up plans to keep them in the brightest mood.

These are five great activities proven to entertain the kids during break:

1. Embracing the great outdoors

Hurray for summer, the season of sunshine! Wouldn’t it be a shame if we didn’t get enough of it? Tell your kids to lace up their sneakers and wear some comfy clothes, because the great outdoors awaits them. Take your children camping, walk with them in the city park, or relax by the sea - to name a few examples. Vacation is more fun when they spend it outside rather than on the couch. Alternatively, the entire family could get involved in an active sport together, such as a soccer or baseball, to practice teamwork and stir up some friendly competition.

2. Getting lost in the library

Reading is one of the most enriching activities for a person at any age. It encourages critical thinking, opens up the mind to new ideas and worlds, and fosters empathy. A child who reads is guaranteed to always feel excited to learn, embrace exploring imagination, and build their grammar, verbal, and communication skills. Take them to the local library, introduce them to every genre of book, and encourage them to develop a love and appreciation for stories and the written word. A book is both a comforting escape and tool to better understand the world! Your child is bound to find a couple favorites if you let them wander long enough through the shelves.

3. Diving into creative hobbies

Don’t be afraid to get messy - messes can always be cleaned up. Creative hobbies, such as painting, sculpture-making, and embroidery can test your child’s imaginative skills and help them cultivate an appreciation for creativity in general and possibly find an outlet of self-expression. When it comes to a creative hobby, your child can only become better at them and find joy in the freedom such hobbies allow.

4. Cooking and preparing meals together

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is convince our children to eat their fruits and vegetables. In order to succeed, we should allow them to get involved with preparing family meals. Take them on a grocery trip with you and stick to the outskirts of the grocery store since that’s where all the produce resides. You can peak your child’s interests in certain ingredients and plan a meal you think would satisfy them. When they get hands-on experience with the food they are curious about eating, they may feel more inclined to eat them. Experiment with different flavor combinations and cooking methods with your ingredients to figure out what your child wants most in a delicious but healthy meal. As long as you give the kids safe but reasonably fun tasks such as arranging plates and seasoning food, there’s never harm in welcoming them as little chefs in your kitchen.

5. Spending time on the road

Ignite a wanderlust spirit in your children by taking them on a road trip. Fun fact, a road trip is one of the most popular adventures that occur during the summertime. Going on one with the entire family is an excuse to get some much-needed family bonding time and experience visiting an entirely new place together. Rest assured, you can definitely avoid the scenario of cranky kids and breakdowns. Just bring some home-made organizers full of snacks, gadgets, and toys so that they have endless sources of entertainment for hours to come.

In the end, as long as you prioritize your children’s happiness and comfort during the break, you’re sure to make some incredible memories with them that can be cherished for years to come. Summer is the season of fun, and you can bet that this year’s is going to be better than the last one!

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