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3 Key Reasons Why Tampa is Thriving in 2018

Did you know that the US News has deemed Tampa the 75th best place to live in the United States? That makes Tampa the top 75th city among 19,522 cities in all of America! You may be asking what certain aspects of Tampa as a city make it that much better than so many other cities. Well, it all has to do with the three key reasons why Tampa is thriving in 2018.

Reason 1: Cost of Living

Places in the U.S. are getting more expensive because of rising costs and inflation. This makes high skilled jobs more competitive, which are only further amplified by the digital era making these jobs available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet.

Thus, cities like Tampa are becoming ever more attractive to people looking to move to somewhere less expensive. Here’s how Tampa compares against other cities in terms of cost of living, according to US News and Payscale:

  • Cost of Living in Tampa, FL is 5% lower than the National Average.

  • Housing costs amount to $183,592 compared to the national average of $222,408.

  • Like other cities in Florida, Tampa has no state income tax; however, compared to Miami, Tampa is 21% lower in cost of living.

Reason 2: Economy

First off, on a macro level Florida’s economy is expected to hit the $1 trillion mark. That says a lot given that Tampa is arguably the economic hub of west central Florida. Its economy is uplifted by the following industries: finance, healthcare, maritime, tourism, insurance, technology, and construction.

Second, the trends in these industries are projected to rise. For instance, let’s isolate the healthcare industry. In Florida, Baby Boomers will require a broader range of medical needs and services in coming years. This level of demand, prevalent in Tampa given that Florida is a destination for retired Americans, will necessitate a high level of supply that will foster more investment and research.

Third, it’s almost critical to speak on Tampa’s relationship with the technology industry, with titans such as Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik, Bill Gates, and Kiran Patel all making use of Tampa’s growing potential. So much so that Jeff Vinik and Bill Gates are in the process of building a technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Reason 3: Quality of Life

There is a clear and comprehensive explanation for why the data suggests that more than 200 people a day are moving to Tampa. The explanation definitely has to do with the two aforementioned key reasons, but it also has much to do with Tampa’s quality of life, which is evidently putting Tampa movers to work.

By quality of life, what really should be considered are Tampa’s beaches, activities, community-building sports teams, and local restaurant scene. All of these aspects make for a living experience that blends societal and cultural virtues.

These aspects are only made possible by the economic advantages of living in Tampa (no state income tax, as mentioned, plus low property taxes), and of course the beautiful sunny weather.

Here’s just a brief overview showcasing all of the amazing features making Tampa’s quality of life highly sought after in 2018.

● Beaches: Indian Rocks Beach, Treasure Island, Fort Desoto, St. Pete’s Beach ● Activities: Fishing charters and tours, golf courses, boat tours, eco tours, Bayshore Boulevard Linear Trail, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Snow Park ● Community-Building Sports Teams: Tampa Bay Lighting (hockey), Tampa Bay Rays (baseball), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (football) ● Local Restaurant Scene: Hyde Park, Ybor City, Channel District, plus much more!

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