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Smart Home, Smart Toy

We have all heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder”. In years past, it might have meant finding the appropriate tools for the job or looking for ways to reduce the steps in a complicated project. Today, however, working smarter is easier than ever in a large part due to technology.

Within the last few decades, we have gone from brick cell phones, analog cable, and room-size computers to the reality of smart wireless devices that can fit in the palm of our hand. These advances have revolutionized the way we communicate, maintain our schedules, and run our homes. We now have the ability to be in constant contact with our children, get instant updates on social media from friends across the globe, and access information with a swipe of a finger.

Almost overnight, we forgot about “be kind, please rewind” and can now stream almost any movie or television show without leaving the house. We have folded our roadmaps and stuffed them away in favor of GPS technology, allowing us to find our way almost anywhere in the world. It’s also possible to control our thermostats, lights, refrigerators, and security systems with a cell phone. Even our children’s toys are now technological marvels and rely heavily on smart technology.

While all these smart devices have reduced our workloads, they have also introduced some modern dilemmas to our families. It is estimated that today’s teens spend an average of 9 hours consuming media in some form. This increase in technology usage has also led to an explosion of cyberbullying, with 87 percent of our kids witnessing these behaviors. With numbers like those, it should be no surprise that experts are urging parents to take digital safety precautions and the American Academy of Pediatrics is strongly urging parents to limit a child’s screen time.

To take a closer look at the role smart technology plays in our homes and lives, please read the following infographic about ways to embrace technological advancements while protecting our families:

"Scott Reddler is an active software developer, water sports fan, and a loving and enthusiastic father of three. He uses his knowledge of new technology to understand how social media and apps are changing the parenting landscape. He enjoys taking his children out for boat rides and exploring his lovely state of Florida". Twitter: @Scottreddler

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