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I'm scared to get sick.

I'm venting because I'm scared to get sick. It's not a phobia or anything but I am terrified of what an actual medical emergency will do financially to my family. Especially if I need ongoing treatment. And the fact that I have to be scared of that makes me furious.

Last year my daughter had a medical emergency that resulted in her being admitted to the hospital and a battery of tests over the course of a week. After leaving the hospital and paying our co-pay we thought all was done. A year later we are getting bills. These bills were sent to me from a collection agency. Not the hospital. In fact in a year they never even contacted us. To make is more ludicrous they sent it to my grandmothers address, a place I never lived and they sent it in my husbands name even though I filled out the paperwork at the hospital. And a year later I get a threatening collection letter saying they will pursue legal action if I don't pay $2000?

Both my husband and I have worked in the collection industry. That threat is about hallow as a roll of toilet paper. But it's still upsetting and to someone who may not know the law and the extent to which a notice and threat like that can impact them or how to proceed it can be scary.

Last month I fell. I sprained my ankle. It was a bad sprain but a sprain and after some xrays, crutches, moved to a walking boot and then a brace I'm mobile but also owing $1000 and for what?

Have you every actually asked for an explanation of charges? Not just the coded or vague description but actually said... What is the "Multilig Contact" of $280 for since is it one of several charged on one invoice that I again received after I paid my copay. It was for the doctor coming in for 6 minutes (I'm not exaggerating, it was almost 7 minutes but not quite). He hadn't seen my scans, he asked where it hurt, he moved it around and then confirmed what urgent care already said, that it was a sprain sent me to get a boot that costs $291 that didn't even fit right but since they didn't have my size it's what I got and I still have to pay full price because apparently me being able to walk isn't a medical necessity that is covered by our insurance plan. That plan by the way is the "high" plan the executives and management of my husbands company get.. The plan that costs employees $800 per month to cover their families.

So yes, I'm scared of being sick. I am terrified because while I know I will always be safe over sorry with my kids health and medical needs I worry that my fear of an astronomical bill and the real potential of a devastating financial situation will keep me from seeking my own treatment.

Riddle me this? Why if my daughter and I have the same condition, asthma, and the same exact prescription is hers $35 and mine is $53.50? They are identical.

People shouldn't be scared to run and play because they don't want to engage in an activity that can cause them to use medicine they can save.

My grandmother shouldn't stop taking a life saving pill because she can't afford the $160 prescription.

Parent's shouldn't regret going seeing a doctor because of how it could impact their family.

And they sure as hell shouldn't have to decide what services their child should get this much and what they can budget for.

This is insane, it's not right and it needs changed. This isn't a political post. This is a pissed off mom who sees over a over how medical organizations over charge and how insurance does little and how people have to make choices no one should have to make. Your health care shouldn't be an option.

What's the answer? Well, be loud, advocate and try to make a change. But that's where this gets political because our private healthcare is so wrapped up in political agendas so this is where I end the post and just hope that I don't get sick.

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