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Usit, Tampa’s new babysitting resource!

Usit (University Sitting) has launched in Tampa this month and is gaining a lot of traction from Tampa parents and students. The platform is an on-demand babysitting application for iOS devices that connects parents who are looking for a babysitter to college students in their area. Usit was started by students at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia this past year and has become one of Atlanta’s hottest babysitting resources and now the team is expanding its service to Houston and Tampa to help more parents find sitters easily.

Usit currently only allows students from University of South Florida and University of Tampa to be babysitters on the app! It’s free to sign up and free to download! Once parents sign up, all they have to do is create a job when they need a sitter and they set their own rate. A notification gets sent out to students in their area, and students apply within minutes of the job being posted. So if you need to go on a date night this weekend or your babysitter cancelled on you last minute, check out Usit and you will be connected to a large variety of verified and background checked sitters in a matter of minutes.

Learn more with the videos below or check them out here:

Usit is a mobile application created to provide an on-demand babysitting service. Instead of going through the annoying process of scavenging for a babysitter

The video explains how parent users can offer a job to Usitters.

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