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Moms Spend over 1/6th of their lives in their cars.

Research says the average person spends 229,961 of their life sleeping. That's basically a third of your life. Another study says the average person spends 101 minutes a day driving. That is about 37,935 hours and that is only if they started driving at about 17 years old and until they are 78 but I would bet that is not the average for a mom. I'd like to see a study done on a mom of multiple children all with different activities. And let's include time in the car not actively driving, just waiting for something... school to get out, practice to end or because you timed a drive wrong and are killing time while waiting for something to start that will go up. Actually... I wold be the perfect subject.

Let's just figure this out and we will go with an average school day...

Dropping Off Kids at School-.75

Store Trip- .50

Picking Up Kids - 1 (because the pick up car line is worse than the drop off line)

Practices drop off and pick up (gymnastics, clubs, etc) - 1.5

Random time in car sitting and waiting- 2

If we have more errands or on a rare day with no activities that could effect this but it seems for me and my 4 kids 5.75 hours (that's 345 minutes). Mind you this doesn't count driving to or from work since I work from home so for other moms who work outside of the home this could easily be 400+ minutes with traffic. 345 Minutes a day. 125,925 minutes a year. for just 18 years worth of motherhood that is 2,266,650 minutes or 37,775.5 hours. If we use the time frame of the original study we have 125,925 hours. Moms basically spend over 1/6 of their lives in their cars.

What is the point of all my calculations? There isn't one. I'm just sitting in my car while my kid is in practice and this is how I just killed 30 minutes of my time.


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