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LOLL poncho review

LOLL- "The wearable poncho towel for grown-ups"

LOLL beach towels started life on a windy beach in Worthing, UK, back in 1983, when Lara (LOLL founder) used to go to stay with her Granny and use a towel with head and arm holes when changing on the beach. This great idea remained in Lara’s subconscious until she saw beach ponchos being used in Tasmania by a friend’s children (who loved them and literally lived in them for 3 days). Lara thought, “hang on, why don’t they make these for adults?” And so LOLL was born, based on the towels that Lara’s Granny made and the ponchos the children loved. The first LOLL towels Lara developed were pretty basic, but with feedback from her Tassie friend, LOLL V2 was developed. Four of these babies were made at home by Lara on her sewing machine, then given to her sister, brother and his wife to use on holiday.

“Having my guinea pigs wear the LOLL towels for a week really gave me a proper insight into what worked and what didn’t”, says Lara, “such as why a pocket was needed, the hot legs issue raised by my sister-in-law and how useful they actually were”.

I took my LOLL to the beach last weekend to try it out. I LOVED it! The hidden pockets were great to hide my keys, glasses and money in. There is a large Velcro pocket with a smaller, zippered pocket inside it. The towel was really absorbent and was great for my kids to wipe their eyes on when water splashed in their faces. The zippers on each side are good quality and a great feature to make the LOLL easy to put on and take off. It was nice to not have to carry a towel down to the water and worry about it falling off of my shoulders. I could just wear it instead! My LOLL also kept the sun off of me after being there for a few hours. When it started to sprinkle, I put the hood up and it kept my hair dry. It also came in handy when my hands were full once we got home and it was pouring.

The LOLL brought back memories of my childhood when my sisters and I used a Pool-cho (pool towel/poncho). The LOLL is WAY better with it's side zippers and comfortable hood. Oh, and the designs are much cooler! The LOLL fits a variety of sizes as well. It's advertised as the poncho for adults but it not only fit me (I'm 5'4") and my 20 year old daughter who is 5'8" but it also came in handy as a cover up for my 4'9" ten year old when it was raining the night of her recital. It kept her and her costume dry!

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