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25 Easy Ways to be a Better Mom

Being a mother isn't easy. It's actually really really hard. We spend so much time trying to be perfect and meeting our own standards not to mention those we think society and others have set for us. But the fact is no one can master motherhood. Sorry, you can't. It's too intangible, too multifaceted, too damn hard.

You are much better off trying to just be a better mom. Not a better mom than your own. Not a better mom than your friends are. Just better than you were before. And on days you feel you get things perfect (or close too it) great. But just try to be better. And here are 25 very simple ways to be better.

1. Say I love you randomly.

2. Give more kisses.

3. Give more hugs.

4. Give butterfly kisses.

5. Give eskimo kisses.

6. Cuddle more

7. Make up secret hand shakes.

8. Have a special song or rhyme just for them.

9. Dance together.

10. Sing loud in the car together.

11. Listen to them (even when they talk about mine craft).

12. Tell them you are proud of them out of the blue.

13. Go for walks and find treasures.

14. Ask them questions to learn more about them and what they like.

15. Cook with them.

16. Tickle them and let them tickle you.

17. Let them read to you or tell you a story.

18. Share jokes.

19. Be goofy in public together.

20. Color pictures for each other.

21. Let them push you on a swing.

22. Let them make up a game that you play.

23. Hide something small for them to find.

24. Leave them love notes that tell them why you love them.

25. Laugh. Find reasons to laugh or laugh for no reason at all.

Nothing on the list is too crazy or to difficult. In fact all are easy and free but each one is one of those things that your child will remember and think of when they look back and recall why you were such an amazing mother.

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