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When Raising Girls

Sometimes being a mother of all girls can be overwhelming. Not just from them, but from everyone else. Having 3 girls, twins and a seven month old, we've learned a few things in our household.

Raising girls means having a box FULL of bows, hair ties, and headbands. And you can never have enough! you'll do hair about five times a day and they'll want you to imitate every hair style they've ever seen. Possible or not. Raising girls means playing pretend. Whether that means they're a princess and you're the evil queen or you're all explorers and you're looking for bananas because the monkeys ate all of theirs (I don't even question it anymore). We're always playing pretend and stretching this imagination of theirs. They love playing The Floor's Lava, I just wish they wouldn't play on my bed. First thing in the morning…

Raising girls means playing with dolls and then racing cars. Or playing with dolls and cars. Or the cars are dolls. Or whatever they want. Just because they're girls, doesn't mean it's just dolls. Raising girls means having "helpers" in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in the bathroom.. wait! Why the bathroom?? Doesn't matter. They're there to help and offer UNSOLICITED opinions. Raising girls means dance parties! And constantly encouraging that those are the best dance moves you've ever seen. Raising girls means going to the store, seeing aisles of pink and them venturing to the Legos and THEN to the Barbies. Because it's always both. Raising girls means getting used to dirt and glitter. If there's dirt, they'll find it. If there's glitter, they'll find that too! Then you can wash it all off while they're being Mermaids in the tub.

Raising girls means having an endless amount of dresses and tutus. It also means having to get over if they get dirty because Doctors and Explorers don't let let an outfit get in the way of an adventure. Raising girls means they teaching them to stand up for themselves. Whether that means how to articulate how they're feeling or if that means hitting "like a girl". Trust me, that's a compliment.

Raising girls means cheering as loud as a crowd when they finally land a flip, when they do a proper ballet Pirouette, and when they throw a football with a perfect spin.

Raising girls means talking. About everything. Talking about your days, about your feelings, about ideas and encouraging the communication. Raising girls means that you're actually getting to raise your future best friends. Raising girls means you're raising Amazing Women. We raise our girls to be strong, independent, intelligent little beings. I never knew I'd be so blessed to be raising girls.

Jessica- Mother to all girls. Coffee addict and veteran. Blog at

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