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Buddha Belly Birth Services

Tampa Bay is wonderful place to have a baby. Our community offers a wide variety of birth options - from premier hospitals and birth centers to home-birth midwives and more. Having a new baby can be a more positive experience with the support of a doula: a pregnancy, birth and postpartum professional dedicated to giving you personalized care.

Many expectant and new parents feel overwhelmed. Your doula connects with you to understand what YOU want. She helps you discover your preferences and sort through the mountains of advice, research and evidence. She is a phone-call, email or text away during your pregnancy and stays by your side during your labor and baby’s birth to provide comfort and physical support.

Doulas even help you at home with your baby. She can come overnight to help you get much-needed sleep - especially useful during those first weeks - or during the day to care for you, your baby, your family and your home. This may include: newborn expertise, breastfeeding support, sibling care, light housekeeping and more.

At Buddha Belly, we respect you and your family. We listen. We support you and your choices.

As the owners of Buddha Belly, Christie Collbran and Amy Lewis have more than ten years of experience serving women and families, and are devoted to ensure that all clients receive a high degree of professionalism, client service and compassion. We promise you’ll feel supported, nurtured and well cared-for through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As a premier family service, we offer solutions to enhance this special time and preserve these important memories, including: birth doula support, postpartum doula support, childbirth classes, placenta services, lactation counseling, photography, belly casting, pregnancy planning and more.

We’d love to talk with you today about helping you to achieve your pregnancy and birth goals and how we can support you. Call (727) 489-4750, email or visit us online or on Facebook today.

You aren’t in this alone. We’re in it together.

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