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Daytime's Ask the Mom

You asked and we are answering! This week WFLA Daytime's Mom and Tampa Bay Moms's Group Founder, Steffany, is answering questions these questions from viewers and members:

I just had a baby and I'm already feeling overwhelmed and alone. How can I do something about this? -Jennifer

I see these moms who seem to get everything done. House clean, kids look great, they have a social life. What are they doing that I'm missing? -Natasha

Where is the best place to get a child's ears pierced? -Danny

And after that commercial break we were back answering these questions:

My husband and I are having issues and are thinking about divorce but worry about our kids. Is it better to stay together until they are older or just get it over with? -Annie

How do you choose the best school for your child? -Amelia

Can I please have some tips on potty training my child? -Jenn

What are the laws and what are the recommendations regarding infant, child and booster car seats?-Jenn

Thank you guys for watching and sending in questions and as always for being a part of Tampa Bay Moms Group. We love hearing from you!

If you have a question you'd like to have answered on the next edition of "Ask the Mom"

leave it in the comments here or if you prefer email it to

You are welcome to remain anonymous.

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