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Helping Kids Eat Right and Stay Healthy in the New Year

A new year can be the start of a better and healthier lifestyle. Families that eat right, get plenty of physical activity, limit screen time and have good sleep habits are more likely to raise children with a normal body weight. Excess body fat increases chronic disease risk in both children and adults. Families can follow the 9-5-2-1-0 guidelines for a healthier lifestyle:

  • 9 hours of sleep every night with regular bedtimes each day of the week

  • 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day

  • 2 hours or less of the screen time (TV, computer, tablet or smartphone)

  • 1 hour of age appropriate physical activity everyday

  • 0 sugar sweetened drinks such as soda, sweet tea, lemonade, sports drinks and juice

Johns Hopkins All Children’s offers classes to help families get fit in the new year, including:

  • Kohl’s Cooks for Kids Family Cooking Class - A FREE five-week session of classes focused on making nutritious choices and gaining culinary skills. Offered year round in St. Petersburg, Largo, Holiday, Hudson and Palm Harbor. Ages 8+. At least one adult must attend. For more information

  • First Steps: Fit4AllKids – A FREE six-week community-based program for families with children who are identified as overweight. Offered year round in St. Petersburg. Ages 7+. Physician referral is required.

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