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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween! It's fun but more important than having fun is staying safe. That is why we have compiled a list of some tips and ideas to help you and your crew have fun and stay safe as you celebrate Halloween and Trick or Treat.

Walk Safe

  1. Follow pedestrian rules. Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks. Do not dart out between cars or other large objects that could obstruct a drivers view.

  2. Look left, right and left again every time you cross

  3. Walk fast but don not run across the street. You don't want to trip.

  4. Stay of gadgets or things that could distract you from what's going on around you.

  5. If a driver seems to be allowing you to cross be sure your child knows to make eye contact before crossing in front of them.

  6. Always use sidewalks or walk ways and paths. When no side walk is available walk facing traffic as far to the side as you can.

  7. Try not to cross too much. Use direct routes.

  8. Do not take short cuts. Do not cut through woods, fields or behind and between homes. Do not go into peoples back yards or trespass.

  9. Watch for vehicles. This includes cars that are turning around or backing out of driveways and even motorcycles, bikes, golf carts and skateboards. Not all who operate those will be watching for your child so be sure your child is watching for them.

  10. Make sure your child knows an emergency plan if you get separated. Do they stay where you last saw them? Do they meet as a predesignated spot? Do they know your number in case of an emergency?

  11. Be sure you have your phone on you, charged and put away in case you need it.

Trick or Treat Safe

  1. Supervise children under 12. If your child was not able to be safe and use good judgment last year maybe stay with them this year and let them know that you are watching to see if they should be allowed the responsibility and trust of being able to go with friends and no adults next year.

  2. Go in a group. Groups are safer and more fun.

  3. Stick to well lite areas with other people.

  4. Do not go to homes with no lights or decorations.

  5. Use flashlights. Its helps you see and be seen!

  6. Apply reflectors tho shoes, bags and clothes,

  7. Do not sneak candy. Wait until it can be inspected and dispose of anything questionable.

  8. Bring water and keep hydrated.

  9. Bring mosquito repellant.

Dress Safe

  1. Dark colors are hard to see. Use reflectors, glow sticks and lights to add fun and be seen more easily. Flashlights are always a good idea!

  2. Masks can make it hard to see. Do not wear them when crossing the road or use face paint or makeup when you can.

  3. Avoid costumes that drag the ground or are hard to walk in.

  4. Closed toe shoes are great to avoid trips and stubbed toes!

  5. Be sure your clothes are comfy and suitable for the weather, elements and bugs.

Drive Safe

  1. Drive slow and check twice! Kids like to run so be sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to stop if a child darts out. If possible avoid driving at peak trick or treat times (6pm-9pm usually).

  2. Use extra care pulling in and backing out of driveways and parking spots or when making turns.

  3. Keep music low or drive with windows open to help you hear. Keep your phone off and avoid any distractions.

Decorate Safe

  1. Avoid using real flames anywhere. Kids run and can bump into jack-0-lanterns or citronella candles.

  2. Remove any hazards that could trip a child as they approach your home.

  3. Take care of pests like ant hills, wasp nests and even standing water to avoid bites and stings to trick or treaters.

  4. Put any dogs or animals away until after trick or treating is over.

Others Tips

  1. Be considerate of children of all ages and abilities. Remember that the child who won't say please or thank you may be non-verbal. The child scared to approach with the flashing lights or creepy sounds may have sensory problems. The child digging past the peanut butter cups may have an allergy. The child who looks too old to trick or treat may be young at heart and just want to have fun.

  2. Have fun!

Anything we missed? Any tips or tricks you learned or would like to share? We's love to hear from you!

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