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Spend a little time on you

As moms, we don't always put ourselves and our health first. I've realized this lately, as I recently hit 42, and am trying to focus more on me. Putting ourselves first doesn't make us a bad mom or wife. Frankly, I think it makes us better moms and wives- we will be around longer if we take care of ourselves...hopefully.

I'll admit I have been really bad about not going to my yearly gyno visits. In fact, I went last year after not going for several years and only went because I thought something was wrong. Fortunately I was fine and impressed my gyno. ;) It takes a LOT for me to go see my primary care physician and it's sometimes been so long that they consider me a new patient even though I've been going to the same place for 8 years. My poor doctor reminds me that I need to come see him when things are going right, not just when something is wrong.

I'm really bad about what I eat, often shoveling fast food, chips, sugar cereal- or whatever I can grab- into my mouth while driving kids all over the place, doing laundry, trying to keep the house somewhat clean and make time for my husband. When I topped out at an unhealthy weight for my frame, I vowed to make some changes. I'm trying to eat better (trying being the opperative word., I'm working out again and dragging other moms with me (go fitness challenge moms!!!). I'm making appointments to have my eyes checked, bloodwork done and praying that I don't have to deal with stupid hormone crap any time soon.

By caring for myself, I'm seeing my kids care more about themselves as well. They are picking up after themselves more, trying to keep their laundry from getting out of control, making sure they brush and floss daily (something that was a struggle until their dentist talked to them about bacteria pooping in their mouths, thank you Dr. Juliet Bulnes). My husband is also taking notice and realizes that he also needs to start making appointments. Getting older sucks.

It's not just about doctors and being healthier, though. I'm really bad about running out of the house and not looking in a mirror. Most days, I'm in and out of the house running everywhere then when I finally have a minute to stop and brush my teeth before bed I look in the mirror and gasp. I know I'll never be one of those women who spend an hour doing their hair and make up and are dressed impeccably before they leave the house, but I don't have to be one of those moms in sweats, hair in a 2 day old pony tail and a t-shirt that's older than most of my kids. I don't need to spend an hour on me but I can take 10 minutes to choose a cute pair of shorts and a top that's never had spit up on it. I can take a few minutes to put on a little mascara and lip gloss. I can take a minute to brush my hair. I did all of these things once....before I became a mom....and I'd like to be that person again.

So remember that you are a woman first and all of those other things after. Take care of yourself. Take a little time for yourself. Your kids and husband will notice and you'll feel a little bit more like a human. :)

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