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The Pebble and the Ripple

My thoughts are scatterbrained. I can be thinking about one thing and 30 seconds later I am on some completely different thought.

Tonight I was thinking about how grateful I am for the company I work for. I have had to take time off from being a Pure Romance consultant for family issues but recently started doing parties again. I started composing a message in my head to our Vice President of training and off my thoughts went. I'm so grateful that my company gave me a refund for World Conference when I let them know I would be unable to attend due to my mother-in-law being diagnosed with breast cancer in May. I started thinking about how I never would have found Pure Romance if my sponsor, Karey, hadn't found Tampa Bay Moms Group and posted that she wanted to sponsor the website and was hosting a Girls Night In. I went, fell in love and signed up as soon as I could.

Then I looked back and realized that I was grateful for the day that Steffany and I spent creating TBMG, and when I joined which I joined to find moms to become friends with. Then I looked back to my husband who made me a mom and to the college where we met. I looked back to Mama and Papa B and Papa B's love for Montreat Youth Camp which was hosted at Montreat College where I met my husband. Then I looked back to my mom who shared her love for God and Eastminster Presbyterian where we went to church occasionally and where she encouraged me to attend youth group where the Becker's became my youth leaders.

A few years ago, Papa B passed away. At his funeral, a story was told about him being the Pebble and his friends and family being the Ripples. I got up and talked about Papa B sharing his passion for Montreat Youth Retreat. It was in those mountains of Asheville, NC that I fell in love with the retreat. Papa B was the pebble. When a pebble is tossed into water it creates ripples. I was one of those ripples. I attended the retreat for 4 years. I loved it so much that the only college I applied to was Montreat-Anderson College (now Montreat College). I met and fell in love with my husband of 21 years. We have had five children together, lost one shortly after birth and have raised four beautiful, healthy children. My husband is one of Papa B's ripples as our each of my children.

My youngest daughter is a talented dancer (no, it's not easy for me to say that). She is on the competition team and I was looking for a way to pay for her dance. I saw Karey's post on TBMG and went to the party. Within minutes I knew I wanted to become a Pure Romance consultant. I love helping women take their love life and sexuality back. I love helping to save marriages. I love helping women feel better about themselves.

Pure Romance has given me independence, something I've never had since my dad did everything for me then my husband did for me. It has become yet another ripple. It's interesting to me how things come full circle in our lives. It's good to take the time to stop and appreciate the pebbles and the ripples.

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